2014 ICTA Finalists

Announcing the Finalists for the 2014 ICTA Awards

The entries below are listed in alphabetical order. Each nomination summary was provided as part of the nomination.

These finalists were selected by a jury from the nominations submitted prior to January 2014. From these short-listed entries the jury will select a winner in each category. The finalists will be recognized and the winners announced on March 17, 2014 at the 12th annual Insurance-Canada.ca Technology Conference in Toronto.

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Archway Insurance

Archway Insurance has been successful in growing and in providing quality service to our customers. We have linked our many offices together, created common workflows, shared information and business leads, and most importantly serviced clients in an efficient and consistent manner. From our receptionist who transfers the client call to the Account Manager, the accountant working on invoices and managing budgets and the broker owner looking to get a clear picture of the financial health of the brokerage and quality of business written, The Agency Manager (TAM) has been an invaluable key to our success.

Technology by Applied Systems.

Ives Insurance Brokers

Customer self-service technology is essential for brokers to compete with direct insurance writers, as it enables them to present information to policy holders directly, drawing upon data from their BMS system. It enables brokers to build their on-line presence and offer services on a 24/7 basis, for service however the customer wishes – in person, by phone, online – PC, or tablet devices.

The Keal CAP – Consumer Access Point – is an online consumer portal that allows consumers 24/7 access to their policy details. The data is pulled from sigXP and/or directly from insurers in real time via XML using CSIO standards. Clients can view policy details, billing details and request changes online, according to broker defined permissions. This allows brokers to keep their brand front and centre, while offering their clients the ability to transact business and review coverage/billing details at their convenience. By allowing self service on low profit endorsements, brokers reduce operating costs and increase focus on revenue generating activities.

Technology by Keal Technology and Quindell.

Western Financial Group

With analytics and business intelligence becoming more and more important to their operations, Western Financial Group sought to find a brokerage management system that was architecturally constructed to let them access their data any way they could possibly want it. Following a rigorous vetting process, Western selected Applied Epic. Not only does Applied Epic provide the brokerage with complete access to their data, it lets them easily customize their workflows to make them uniquely Western’s. Today, Western Financial Group is using Applied Epic to streamline reporting, simplify workflows and increase productivity to drive business results and take their business into the future.

Technology by Applied Systems.


The Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Canada (HSB BI&I)

OnSight™ provides streamlined, accurate and efficient reporting by our remote inspection team.

Where previously equipment inspections were manually documented using paper reports, emails and attached images, now our inspection force can create instant and real-time reports that integrate seamlessly with our own policy database system. This tool also benefits our partner insurance companies – our inspectors can act as their eyes and ears – documenting property red flags and hazards while conducting equipment inspections.

This application:

  • Retrieves detailed and live client information from HSB BI&I’s existing policy database;
  • Locates the insured’s location on map and navigates to it with driving instructions;
  • Records insurance inspections, checks off risk factors, and makes comments;
  • Captures high resolution photos, allows captioning, and uploads them to the inspection report;
  • Generates formatted PDF reports for instant submission;
  • Composes and sends instant emails.

This application was featured at Blackberry Live conference in Orlando, 2013.

The Co-operators

Deliver a quote in as little as 30 seconds, then enable clients to refine their price options – in real-time.

That’s the mandate driving The Co-operators QuickQuote tool. Our simplified approach not only makes it faster to get a quote, it also puts our customers in complete control of their experience. Gone are the days when clients will simply give away large amounts of personal information without getting something in return. Our QuickQuote respects this by creating a real-time dialogue that gives them an updated price every time they give us a new piece of information. And because our customers are always on the move, the responsive design framework that powers the front-end user experience is available to them whenever and wherever they want.

Technology by Kanetix SaaS.

Group Medical Services (GMS)

Group Medical Services used web best practices to develop new interfaces for the broker including access to secure portals to easily manage the broker relationships and GMS contracts. The web services allow real-time secure access to each broker customers’ information and allow the broker to manage the customer profile information seamlessly and modeled on how the broker does business. In addition, GMS provides an API for broker IT departments to use web services to provide quote and purchase services to their clients in their web interfaces.

GMS’s commitment to provide back office insurance sales and support to for our advisor partner network continues to drive innovative solutions for the advisor community. Brokers and Advisors, regardless of size, can utilize the secure environment for co-branding, client management, policy sales and support all without cost as part of our partnership network.

Travelers Canada

The Travelers new Business Insurance portal was designed and built to meet the needs of our brokers and for ease of use and flexiblity to accommodate the way individual brokerages want to do business with the Travelers. Our solution is a small commercial quoting and binding portal that was built to CSIO standards to accommodate two way data bridging with broker Commercial Management systems, in providing real-time quote from a broker’s desktop. The initial real-time data integration was completed with Policy Works, so Policy Works brokers can now electronically upload risk and client data directly to the portal and receive a quote back to their Policy Works desktop, complete with all of the XML data to populate their client and coverage information, in real-time. The new portal also provides a Quick Quote capability to determine price proximacy and is compatible with tablet devices for mobile quoting.

Technology by OneShield.


Audatex Canada

Based on the auto repair environment, Audatex Canada has long gathered, processed and analyzed data and information to support a more efficient and higher quality auto insurance claims process. This data and the claims processes are available to participants involved in all aspects of the claims cycle. They can help provide savings on actual claim costs, but will also provide efficiencies that will enhance productivity thus saving time and money. The net effects of well-handled claims using tools based on Audatex data and information includes indemnity and expense control, improved profitability, better management information, enhanced net promoter scores and better pricing to the consumer.

Intrepid 24/7

Intrepid 24/7 provides worldwide medical, security, and travel assistance to P&C insurance providers, groups, and individuals. Our multilingual staff is comprised of health care professionals and security specialists offering support over the phone, on the web, through mobile applications or on the ground, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Intrepid 24/7’s Travel Navigator™ is a web and mobile application that travels with your P&C members.

Travel Navigator™ is the only app in the industry to offer a full range of information, alerts, and assistance services with a focus on the health, security, and well-being of travellers. It is compatible with all platforms, including iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. Members can access real-time information on their mobile device, or download trip packs for viewing offline. Intrepid 24/7 offers customized white-labelled services for P&C insurers in need of client retention, duty of care, and risk & claims management solutions.

Insurance-Canada.ca offers congratulations to these finalists, who have each used technology to improve customer service and their business processes. Join us at ICTC2014 to discover the winners.