2010 ICTA Winners: Pembridge

P&C Insurer category: Pembridge Insurance Company

Pembridge Insurance Company was nominated by Crystal Macklin.

Insurer: Pembridge Insurance Company

Pembridge celebrates 10 years in business in Canada this year (2010) delivering P&C Insurance products and exceptional customer service through the support of our dedicated, independent broker network. Pembridge has offices in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Alberta, with over 200 primary brokerages contracted in Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Alberta.

Technology Provider: Brovada

Brovada is a software provider specializing in business process integration, system conversions, legacy system integrations, and broker connectivity specializing in the insurance sector.

Front row: Heidi Macdonald (left) and Crystal Macklin (right), Pembridge Insurance, with Charles Samolczyk, Brovada (centre). Back row: Doug Grant (left) and Dave Gibbons (right), Insurance-Canada.ca.

Description of Technology Used

Pembridge’s Broker Connectivity project included the implementation and configuration of a solution for Pembridge that permits brokers to inquire against Pembridge’s existing back-end policy management system (PLUS).

The completed single-sign on solution permits brokers to obtain insured’s billing, auto and property policy inquiries in PDF format directly from their Broker Management System. The solution built is not a portal. It is real-time inquiry transactions which begin and end in the broker management system, allowing for more efficient workflows.

In addition, Pembridge is also working with Brovada to add functionality that will permit brokers to upload transactions directly from their Broker Management System (BMS) our back-end system via Brovada’s Nexisys and Nexchange products, eliminating the need for double-entry.

This solution incorporates Brovada’s Nexisys solution which is a business-to-business communication solution that eliminates the re-keying of information from a Broker Management System into insurance carriers’ web portals or web services.

Deployment of Technology

The Broker Connectivity project is divided into a series of phases. Each phase drives a specific business objective and provides enhanced functionality for Pembridge’s broker community. The first phase (billing auto and property policy inquiry) went into production via a pilot in October 2009 and was fully launched in November 2009.

Impact of Technology

Brovada worked very closely with Pembridge to deliver the first phase of the solution in 2009. The inquiry phase of the solution permitted brokers to quickly access policy data directly from their BMS in an easy to read PDF format. The solution was quick to market and required minimal impact to Pembridge’s legacy system. Pembridge has received very positive feedback from the broker community on the ease of use and design of the solution.

Brokers have expressed that they believe the Pembridge solution meets their needs including:

  • Permitting them to access carrier information directly from their BMS
  • Providing them with the accurate, real-time information they require
  • Storing Pembridge’s user name and password so brokers are not required to input Pembridge’s password each time they access the solution. (Single-sign on)
  • Increasing efficiencies within the broker’s offices as brokers no longer are required to call Pembridge or navigate a Pembridge System (learn another workflow) to obtain required policy and billing information.

Due to the quality of the Brovada solution we also found there was little initial increase to our help desk support as the solution was intuitive, user friendly and required little training, instruction and support. With full roll out, help desk support call volume has returned to normal levels.

During the 4 week pilot – 10 test brokerages performed over 1700 transactions. To date the inquiry transactions continue to climb on a week by week basis as more brokers adopt the Pembridge solution. Pembridge is proud to contribute to our brokers more efficient and accurate workflows; enabling them the ability to focus on delivering professional insurance counselling and superior customer service.

Pembridge found Brovada to be supportive, knowledgeable and extremely focused on delivering a customized solution that exceeds the needs of Pembridge and their brokers. Brovada delivered a solution which met all project and business objectives on time and within budget.

Pembridge is currently working on the next phase of the project to provide brokers the ability to upload new business transactions. The goal of the subsequent phases is to build on the benefits provided in the first phase of the project and to continue to promote the ease of doing business by:

  • Providing a real time interface for new business without requiring re-keying of data manually.
  • Being able to accept data directly from their brokers from broker’s BMS (based on CSIO Standards) via a web service thus eliminating the need for brokerages to submit paper.
  • Eliminate the need for Pembridge’s underwriters to re-key information received from brokerages into Plus.
  • Providing easy-to-use supplemental forms for brokers to enter data not contained within their BMS.
  • Enabling straight through processing, allowing Pembridge’s underwriters to only deal with exception based transactions.

Through the development of the second phase of the solution Pembridge continues to be impressed with Brovada’s commitment to deliver a solution that exceeds the needs of Pembridge and its brokers.

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