2016 People’s Choice Awards

2016 Insurance-Canada.ca Technology Awards

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2016 ‘PICTA’ Results

After a successful introduction last year, the People's Choice ICTAs (‘PICTAs’) return for 2016. It's your turn to choose the winners. You will be the jury for three People's Choice ICTAs.

Here's how it works, in three easy steps:

  1. Peruse the eligible nominations below (all of which are deserving);
  2. Decide which ones – up to three – you feel represent the most significant business impact;
  3. Vote for your picks (Voting closed February 25).

Casting your ballot helps to recognize the organizations whose use of technology is having a positive impact on their insurance business. The results were announced at ICTC2016.

2016 ‘PICTA’ Winner

Bullfrog Insurance

Bullfrog Offers Small Business Online Comparative Quotes, Full Self-Service

Bullfrog's platform is the first to provide a combined broker management, customer relationship management and rating engine for small business in Canada. Bullfrog provides up to four different quotes on more than 120 different businesses in select categories. The system is unique in that we not only receive data on "the backend" in real time but also are able to understand where a customer has hit "a roadblock" and assist them through online chat or a call with an agent. Quotes can be obtained in as little as 90 seconds and binding, payment and policy issuance takes less than five minutes. The integration of Google Analytics and collection of dozens of data points provides Bullfrog with unparalleled insight into customer buying behaviour and segmentation. This data is used to continually refine the quoting and buying process and expand the product offering.

Technology by Click Capital Corporation.

2016 ‘PICTA’ Runners Up

Promutuel Insurance

Promutuel Successfully Tackles the Training For a New Core System

As part of Promutuel Insurance's core system transformation and implementation of Guidewire PolicyCenter®, the company had to find a creative way to train underwriters, managers, and captive agents across a distributed organization in remote regions in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Promutuel and V-NEO created a new change management strategy and built an innovative e-learning platform, CAMPUS, to address the challenge of training its employees on PolicyCenter. The new 3-phased training approach, which consists of a gaming concept, e-learning modules, and online exercises, has enabled Promutuel Insurance to:

  • Reduce staff training costs;
  • Reduce the learning curve and establish training best practices for new employees; and
  • Maximize the usage of an online training platform among all internal users.

Technology by V-NEO, Inc. and Guidewire Software.

Cornerstone Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Cornerstone Turns Content Into A Marketing Advantage

Cornerstone Insurance Brokers Inc. (CSIB) leverage Zywave's Broker Briefcase, a sales, marketing and broker education platform, to move the conversation with clients and prospects from price to value. By leveraging the extensive knowledge repository of over 3500+ resource documents, CSIB has accelerated growth by 17% & have seen a 295% return on investment in the first 10 months.

Written for both broker and insurance consumer audiences, this solution includes automated marketing campaigns allowing CSIB to stay top-of-mind with clients and prospects alike with timely and relevant information that is tailored to the recipient.

Technology by Zywave, Inc.

2016 ‘PICTA’ Honourable Mention

Sharp Insurance

Sharp Insurance Is On The Digital Expressway With Customer Service

Sharp Mobile offers brokerages across Canada a comprehensive, user-oriented online and mobile tool to assist in providing customer service solutions that will increase client retention, reduce calls, digitally streamline internal operations, and to stay relevant in our ever-evolving digital landscape.

The iMobileBroker is an app service for insurance clients that allows immediate access for policy information, pink cards, documents, and payments. Through this app, clients are able to print pink cards, request changes to their policy and submit a claim request.

The BrokerScape portal is the online desktop version of this. Clients are able to govern their insurance transactions, when it's convenient for them, all on their computer. For example, they can review their coverage, print their pink cards, request changes to their policy such as payment dates, add a driver/delete a driver, add a vehicle/delete a vehicle, add a property/delete a property, and more.

Technology by Sharp Mobile Technology Ltd.

2016 ‘PICTA’ Nominees

The Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Canada

Safety Comes First With BI&I App

The Safety App is part of BI&I's Health and Safety program for our remote field Inspectors. It is technology that can provide our Inspectors in the field with assistance (fast response) for potentially dangerous or emergency situations. It reduces the potential risk and liability for our remote field Inspectors who are working on their own.

Desjardins General Insurance Group

Desjardins Develops the Ajusto Smartphone App

Canada's leader with usage based insurance (UBI), Desjardins General Insurance Group (DGIG) took another major step forward by launching its Ajusto smartphone app. The first UBI app in North America, it was developed by DGIG's Ajusto Innovation Department in conjunction with Cambridge Mobile Telematics, using innovative mobile sensing technology and sophisticated data analytics.

The user-friendly app replaces and updates the previous Ajusto program, which required a plug-in telematics device. The app dramatically improves the customer experience by providing real time feedback and a more complete and balanced evaluation of driving behaviors to determine the customer's insurance discount (up to 25%). The app can sense when the smartphone owner is driving and automatically turns on, and can even determine whether the owner is a passenger in the vehicle or on public transit. The app also minimizes phone battery use and has many fun aspects such as allowing customers to compare results with friends.

Technology by Cambridge Mobile Telematics.


EasyInsure Builds a Partnership with Fleet Customers

FleetX is a revolutionary web-based fleet management system that brings synergy to day-to-day fleet management and real-time insurance binding, issuance and servicing.

FleetX delivers a multi-level platform that brings efficiency to the brokerage and fleet management office. Standard fleet policy management and data entry can be burdensome and time consuming, with FleetX, EasyInsure has stream lined those antiquated processes and worked them into their client's day-to-day workflows, resulting in an unparalleled, real-time policy management experience. Offering instant document generation including certificates of insurance and liability slips, FleetX has become the new standard for fleet managers and fleet policy management alike.

Gore Mutual Insurance

Gore Takes Small Business Products Online Through Brokers Websites

Gore Mutual Insurance Company partnered with eight insurance brokers to launch uBiz, the first fully ecommerce commercial insurance platform in Canada. uBiz “Business insurance just how u want it” enables small business customers to design their own insurance coverage and buy it instantly and securely online. This is an exciting new way of connecting small business owners with the products they need, at a price that makes sense, from an online insurance broker.

The Guarantee Company of North America

Mobile App Provides GUARANTEE GOLD With Extra Services

The GUARANTEE GOLD Mobile App is an extension of our strategy to help our clients plan ahead and proactively take safety measures to protect their homes and belongings.

Our commitment in 2015 is inspired by our clients who have suffered harsh weather and water-related losses, many of whom were unsure of the steps to take and ways they could protect their homes.

From the palm of their hand, the GUARANTEE GOLD Mobile App provides our clients with the following resources and more:

  • Access to real-time weather alerts across North America;
  • Report a claim on the go;
  • Claims help;
  • Broker finder;
  • Resource centre;
  • Policy changes.

Technology by Hill+Knowlton Strategies.

Trillium Mutual Insurance Company

Trillium Improves Service to Brokers for Farm and Residential Business

Trillium has invested in new technology to implement a New Business Property Portal for Farm and Residential business that has excited our broker partners; given our internal Underwriting team a new UI with significantly improved capabilities; and improved speed, performance and accuracy for our new policy holders.

The farm portal is a first-of-its kind broker portal that provides broad functionality for all farm properties including farm buildings, farm machinery, equipment, livestock and liability coverages. It addresses a crucial problem providing a modern, innovative solution.

It allows brokers to quote, rate and underwrite new farm policies covering a wide scope of farm activity, while Residential policies can be completely uploaded from each BMS.

This complete, easy to understand solution handles all types of farm and residential insurance risks and allows brokers to quote and upload new business anywhere they have internet connectivity.

Technology by Quindell Solutions.