7th annual Executive Forum

ICEF2019: “Insurance in the Platform Economy”

Wednesday, August 28, 2019, at the St. James Cathedral Centre


1. How do I register for the forum?

All registration is done online; register here. You may register up to five individuals at once. In order to complete the registration process, you will need each individual's name, job title, and email address, along with a business name, phone number and mailing address.

A two-stage early-bird discount is in effect: Prices increase on May 29 and July 10, 2019. The registration page displays the pricing schedule in full.

2. Where can I find out about the agenda, topics and speakers?

The most current information is posted on the Presentation Topics and Faculty pages.

3. How do I book hotel rooms?

We have made arrangements with the nearby Holiday Inn Express for a block of rooms at a special rate. The King Edward Hotel is also close by. Whatever you choose, we recommend that you reserve your room as early as possible. See Venue & Accommodations for booking details and more information.

4. How can I see who else is registered or communicate with other delegates?

The attendee list will be uploaded and made available to registered delegates roughly one week prior to the event.

5. How do brokers get credit hours for RIBO Continuing Education?

We are applying to RIBO to have this forum accredited for the Continuing Education program, and we will track brokers' attendance for accreditation purposes using sheets handed out at the event.

Details about the type and quantity of credit will not be known until after the event. The Executive Forum has typically been credited for approximately 6 hours in the Management category – occasionally a few sessions have been credited in the Technical category.

Any important additional details will be posted here as they are confirmed.

6. How can I provide feedback on the event?

An evaluation form will be available for delegates to provide feedback.

7. Is there an event app?

We will be using a free app to provide delegates with convenient access to the agenda, topic descriptions and speaker bios, as well as to send any important information or updates before or during the event.

Registered delegates should have received instructions for accessing this content by email on August 22 (subject: “You're signed up for ICEF2019”).

If you are registered and have not received instructions, please contact [email protected].


1. Where do I find information on sponsor packages?

See Sponsorship Opportunities (PDF).

2. Are there deadlines for sponsor items?

For 2019 we have replaced the “elective” system with an à la carte offering – see Sponsorship Opportunities.

There is no deadline for most sponsor items, but a few – including branded Wi-Fi, branded coffee break, etc. – require development or submission of materials with sufficient lead time before the event.

If in doubt, please ask your sponsor rep or email [email protected].

Please note: Event sponsors are noted in the PowerPoint sponsor reel that plays at the event and typically in the welcome kit. It may may not be possible to include sponsors who sign up late – after these are created, printed, finalized, etc. – but we will make every effort to include every sponsor.

3. Where and when must sponsor deliverables be received?

Some sponsor items, including the delegate kit bag, lanyards, and flyers for the delegate kit, must be delivered in advance. These items should be received by Friday, August 23 at the latest. Please clearly label the package as being for the Executive Forum and deliver to:
150 King St. West, Suite 805
Toronto, Ontario, M5H 1J9

4. How do I register my company speaker?

We will register your speaker on your behalf. To do so, we require their full name, job title, email address, and phone number. Please submit these details to [email protected] in order for us to process the registration.

5. How do I register delegates?

You can register delegates online at your convenience – click here for the registration page. Don't forget to use your Sponsor Registration Discount Code to take advantage of exclusive discounted registration rates.

6. Where do I book hotel rooms for our delegates?

We have made arrangements with the nearby Holiday Inn Express for a block of rooms at a special rate. The King Edward Hotel is also close by. We recommend that you reserve your room as early as possible. See Venue & Accommodations for booking details and more information.

7. May I submit articles and news releases for inclusion on the website?

Yes, as part of your sponsorship, you may submit articles, press releases, white papers, and other newsworthy materials for distribution through our website and newsletter until August 31, 2020.

8. How do I access the delegate list?

The delegate list will be made available to sponsors online in advance of the event – a sponsor rep may request the URL and password up to two weeks prior. The access URL and passcode will also be in the delegate kit at the event.

9. How do I arrange an email blast? And how should I submit it?

Contact your sales representative to arrange and book an e-blast. Please note: We limit e-blasts to a certain number per week. If you wish your e-blast to go out prior to the event, be sure to book as soon as possible.

If you wish to use our standard e-blast template, all you need to provide is text (including hyperlinks if appropriate) and one or two graphics (optional); we will lay out and send to you for approval. (Please note, our template accommodates content up to 675px wide, laid out in either one or two columns.)

If you wish to submit your own HTML for an e-blast, you may. Please note the following best practices:

  • Only in-line CSS should be used (no separate stylesheets or header style element);
  • Layout width should not be greater than 700px if possible;
  • Hyperlinks should be direct to the targets (e.g., our distribution client will not permit redirects);
  • Animated GIFs are discouraged, as only the first frame will display on some email clients;
  • Light-coloured text that requires a background image or dark background for legibility is discouraged.

10. How do I arrange an ad in the Chronicle e-newsletter?

Contact your sales representative to arrange and book an ad. Please note: Space is limited. If you wish to run your ad prior to the event, be sure to book your dates as soon as possible.

You have the option of either a leaderboard (banner) or a text ad:

  • A big box ad is a single image which measures exactly 300 × 250 pixels. Please provide a JPG or GIF file, along with a URL for the hyperlink when the image is clicked. (As above – #9 – we recommend against animated GIFs for broad compability.)
  • A text ad includes up to 75 words of text, plus your logo or a substitute graphic conforming to the standards of a Rectangle Ad (maximum dimensions 180 × 150 pixels). The text can include multiple links to your website, products and services.

11. How do I arrange a guest blog post for the Intersection blog?

Contact your sales representative to make arrangements for a guest blog post.

A guest blog should be roughly 400-600 words in length. Please note this is subject to review by the blog editor. The content should be a point of view in your area of expertise. No sales pitches will be accepted.

The editor asks that the content be sent at least a week in advance of posting. If you wish to do your post before the forum, be sure to arrange the date as soon as possible, as the Intersection posts a limited number of blog updates per week (usually no more than two).


1. Where and when is the forum?

8:30am - 6:00pm, Wednesday, August 28, 2019.
Registration and continental breakfast open at 7:45am.

St. James Cathedral Centre
65 Church St., Toronto

See Venue & Accommodations for more details.

Add to your calendar: Google / Outlook

2. Who are the session organizers?

The moderators and organizers for the forum are:

3. What do I need to provide ahead of time?

For each speaker, please provide a biography (roughly 100-150 words) and an accompanying photo (high-resolution if possible) which we will post on our website and use for print and digital promotions.

Refer to the Faculty page for examples.

4. When am I speaking?

When the schedule is finalized, the agenda will be posted on the Presentation Topics page.

5. Do I have to do anything to register? will register you. If you are a sponsor, that will be done through the sponsor contact. If you are not a sponsor, arrange through your session organizer.

6. What staging and audio-visual equipment can I expect?

The speaking area will be on a raised platform. The room will be equipped with standard AV equipment: projector, screen, laptop with powerpoint, podium with microphone, lavalier microphone. For panels, there will be a seat and microphone for each speaker.

7. How long are the sessions?

For planning purposes, the “standard” session length is 30 minutes; we will be working with anyone whose session differs from that.. Refer to the agenda when it is finalized and posted for specifics, but note that the time allotted must also include introductions – we will be brief.

If you wish to hold any Q&A or discussion, you must allow for that within your session allotment. Please discuss with your organizer if you are unsure.

8. What are the specifications for presentations?

We do not require presentations to adhere to a standard template – go with your own. We would appreciate a reference to the event or to on the title page, concluding page, and/or footer (if used) in your presentation.

The projection equipment will be set up for the rising standard of 16:9. The old format 4:3 will work fine, but will have black bars showing on both sides – 16:9 is optimal.

Sound and video can be accommodated, but please let us know by Friday, August 16 if you require them.

Our attendees expect not to hear sales pitches and react poorly when they do hear them. Please review your presentations with this in mind. If you have questions, contact your organizer.

Please send a copy of your presentation to your organizer/moderator by Tuesday, August 20.

Be sure to check in with your moderator during the breakfast, coffee or lunch break before your session. If there is anything you wish to test, please make specific arrangements with your moderator in advance.

9. How will presentations be distributed?

We will send a note to delegates shortly after the forum indicating the availability of the presentation materials. (We do not print copies to hand out at the event.)

Please notify us by Friday, August 16 whether yours will be available or not, and if so, how, e.g.:

  • Posted on our site available for download – preferably in PDF format (send us the file);
  • Posted on your site and available for download with or without registration (send us the link);
  • Otherwise available from you or your company upon request (provide details or contact information to make the request).

10. Will sessions be recorded?

At present, we do not anticipate that we will be recording the presentations at the 2019 Executive Forum.

If you are a speaker – or your organization is sending a speaker – and you are interested in having your session recorded, please reach out to [email protected].

11. How are sessions promoted? is promoting the forum and individual sessions to our readership on our website, in our weekly newsletter, through social media and via dedicated email blasts. We are also running ads in Canadian Underwriter.

Should you wish to promote your session yourself to a greater extent to your own audience, please go ahead.

Should you wish to use our services to do additional promotions about your session to our audience, we offer several paid opportunities (an eBlast, a Blog Post, text ads). The promotions can be targeted to different segments, e.g. to delegates only or to our larger audience. Should you wish to promote your presentation or the availability of associated reference materials, for example, promotions can be done prior to the event and/or afterwards. Ask for details.


If you have further questions about the Executive Forum, please email [email protected].