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Technology Addiction: A Fatal Distraction

You are more likely to be reading this on a mobile device than on a laptop or desktop. A June 2017 Pew survey revealed that 77% of Americans own a smartphone and 85% of U.S. adults get their news on a mobile device at least some of the time. And therein lies the source of… Read more »

The Future of Disruption: Will Telematics Uberize UBI?

We are hearing a lot about disruption that will hit the insurance industry as the result of InsureTech and digital transformation. However, widespread enterprise-wide implementations are some ways out, so we won’t see the impact of all of the moving pieces. But there is one exception: Telematics / UBI. Telematics is proven and poised for… Read more »

360° Customer View: You Can Look, but Can You Touch?

Like the lives of so many celebrities and reality-show families whose relationships and daily interactions are splashed across our screens, insurers’ views of their customers present the same frustrating dilemma: sometimes they want to try to reach into the customers’ world to help influence decisions. But, just like on TV, it seems today’s insurers can… Read more »

Start-ups, Incubators and Insurance: A Look Inside the DMZ

“Building a start-up is like having your first child,” says Rajeev Kugan, a new father and co-founder of an emerging start-up in the insurance technology (InsTech) space called ClientDesk. I am the other co-founder. Together, we are introducing something new which, we believe, will disrupt the insurance industry. As entrepreneurs in the start-up space, being… Read more »

Wearables @ Work – You Just Watch

The introduction of the Apple Watch is moving wearable technology  out of running shoes and into business brogues. Wearables have thus far been seen mainly as consumer focused; however, there is increased interest in business generally, and for insurance organizations specifically. Wearables started on a one-way path … Wearable technology  has been envisioned by SciFi writers… Read more »

Too Much Going On? Too Expensive? This Could Be the New Normal

When we ask our IT colleagues how they are, the most frequent response is “Too Busy.” When we ask our Finance colleagues how things are going, a common reply is that “IT projects are costing a lot.” These aren’t necessarily new revelations, but we’re wondering if these symptoms indicate bigger changes coming. We’re going to… Read more »

Apple Auto: What Would DeLorean Say?

There is major buzz around the tech giants getting into the automobile business, the most recent of which is a growing mountain of evidence that Apple is acquiring assets and resources in aid of its push. I have no idea how an Apple entree into auto manufacturing will play out.  However,  my Detroit soul is… Read more »

The New Faces of Mobile Management: Engagement and Strategic Information Application

Managing mobility in an insurance organization has come a long way: from primarily clerical cost control activities, to active participation in strategic planning.  And by all accounts, mobility is on a trajectory to become a critical element in most areas in of insurance organization. We’d like to showcase the current thinking about this trend and… Read more »

Power to the People: Technology Awards are Yours to Give

Since 2010, has presented awards for the innovative use of technology in the Canadian P&C industry. We’ve made some adjustments over the years. This year we’ve taken the next step and put one of the awards in your — the people’s — hands. It will be interesting to see the results. What’s the purpose… Read more »

A New Era of Technology: Part 1 – Mobile

As I think of the amazing transformation we have witnessed over the past couple years, I wish I could share this moment with my grandparents. They would be blown away by the simple idea of a smartphone, tablet, or PVR, the technologies we take for granted every day. Does this make us oblivious to how… Read more »