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Insurance Digital Marketing: Data Primacy, Channel Challenges

There is conflicting evidence about the current value/importance of digital or data-driven marketing for insurance. However, there seems to be consensus on a few elements: Data comprise the currency, and Channel assumptions will be challenged. Our questions: How well prepared is the insurance industry for changes that are coming in data driven marketing? How well… Read more »

Understanding Insurance Consumer Data: Dr. Phil Meets Stephen Hawking

Sometimes it seems that the new recipe for insurance marketing looks like something Dr. Phil and Stephen Hawking would jointly develop:  2 parts rocket science, 2 parts intuitive psychology, and 6 parts alchemy.  A couple of on-line pieces  brought this into stark relief for us recently.  Our question to you:  what path(s) are you following?… Read more »

How Do You Take Your Coffee? Socially, With a Little Insurance and Technology

It seems that State Farm is continuing the long linkage between coffee, new ideas, insurance and marketing.  What do you think:  Is State Farm on the right track?  And, is hot java integral to social marketing? A little over a year ago, State Farm opened Next Door, a place for Gen Y-ers to hang out,… Read more »

Consumer Loyalty & On-Line Services. Survey Says: Build It or They Will Go

Two surveys of US personal lines customers (one personal auto, one personal property) reinforce some common wisdom.  They also reinforce that customer loyalty depends on delivery of greater interactive, self-service capabilities, delivered on-line.  Our question to you:  do Canadian customers exhibit similar traits?  And, if so, are Canadian insurers and brokers moving to meet the… Read more »

Can Telematics Be a Marketing Tool? Will Prospects Heed Flo’s Rally Cry?

Progressive Insurance has taken the use of Telematics further forward in the marketing cycle.  We’re interested in your opinion on whether this strategy can  attract qualified leads. In a recent Progressive Insurance TV ad – called Rally Cry,  Flo (Progressive’s ever ebullient spokeswoman) takes over the airwaves  to say, “Attention, well, Everyone ….” and goes… Read more »

Mobile Usage & Sophistication Rising; Banks Are Taking Positions; What is Your Strategy?

Use of mobile technology for increasingly sophisticated tasks is on an upward trajectory.  Insurance professionals are participating in the uptake.  A recent report suggests that banks are offering mobile applications with transactions, adding credibility to the channel.  So, the question to you is, as an insurance professional, what is your organization’s mobile strategy? An… Read more »

Is Privacy Dead, or Does It Just Smell Funny?

In the waning year of the 20th century, a technology leader famously said that privacy was an artifact that should be left in the past.  The response was strident.  Fast forward a decade and there are new data that indicate that privacy is not so much a right as a commodity to trade.  Is this… Read more »

Consumerization of Access: Can Insurers and Their IT Departments Make the Shift?

Consumerization means more than just accommodating tablets and iPhones on corporate networks, according to a recent report.  And the implications can be profound for insurers and their technology departments.  We’d like to know what you think about these trends. Information Week and Insurance & Technology joined forces to produce The New Customer Experience: How Mobile,… Read more »

Success On-Line is ‘Blurry’ for Channels

Insurance has always had challenges with channel strategies.   Historically,  while there was some crossover, the majority of North American insurers did business either directly with customers or through independent agents/brokers.   However, the on-line world seems to be challenging the distinction to the core. Looking at the broader world, several reports cited in eMarketer note… Read more »

Get Naked and Prosper, Social Media Implementers Suggest

Social media marketing and service implementations are producing impressive results with modest investment for US insurance companies and independent insurance agents, a panel at the  recent ACORD Implementation Forum reported.  Being transparent with genuine personality seems to be a common denominator for success. Angelyn Truetel, president of SouthGroup Insurance Gulf Coast in Florida has been… Read more »