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Insurance Marketing Word of the Year

Oxford Dictionaries has just announced its word of the year.  We would like to nominate this for the Insurance Marketing Word of the year as well.  We invite your thoughts. And the word is … … ‘Selfie‘. For those who didn’t know, the definition of Selfie is: “a photograph that one has taken of oneself,… Read more »

Insurance Marketing & Communications: Today, Tomorrow, and for 2023

A number of marketers have noted that Customer Experience and Communications are shaping the battlefield of the present for insurance marketing. There is some positive news about insurers’ current initiatives. However, this battlefield is changing as we speak and will shift radically over the next decade. The Insurance 2023 forum is planning to have a… Read more »

Insurance Marketing 2023: Is A ‘Minority Report’ Scenario Different Than What Brokers Do Now?

In 2023, will insurance ‘marketing’ include a capability for consumers to provide data directly and through sensors to allow insurance representatives to detect new or changed insurance requirements and modify insurance programs dynamically? If so, is this really different than what happens now? ‘Smarter Marketing’  On her blog, Forrester Senior Analyst Sarah Rotman Epps points… Read more »

Are Commercial Lines Buyers Ready to Go On-Line?

There is a long-held belief that commercial lines insurance, regardless of the size, require a personal agent or broker to be effectively  marketed, sold, and serviced.  A new report  (based on US data) is questioning this assumption, raising some technology, operational, and marketing issues for everyone involved in small commercial insurance.  We’d like to know… Read more »

Broker Marketing: Feed the Lizard

In the Polynesian culture, the gecko feeds on insects and carries the spirit of mo’o,  a mythological being which is considered to be a  protector of houses and villages.  In the insurance culture, the gecko feeds on Big Data and carries the brand of Geico, which is considered the destroyer of independent agents.  Maybe the… Read more »

Will Increased IT Importance Cause A Decline In IT Influence?

With the increased business interest in social media, big data, analytics. legacy modernization and the like, IT is getting significantly more profile at the senior management and board level.  But is this rise in profile masking a decline in IT influence? Marketing Rising Let’s take Marketing, as an example.  As data driven marketing – including… Read more »

Advantage Brokers: Content Rules in Social

Common wisdom has it that insurance brokers and agents  have lagged behind other sectors in the use of social media for marketing.  However, by employing a different approach – content marketing – insurance distributors may havew an opportunity to leapfrog into a leading position with personal and commercial lines customers. Why Do We Think Insurance… Read more »

The New Reality of the Insurance Marketing Function

As a longtime insurance expert, I’ve noticed interesting changes taking place in the industry. While insurance carriers continue spend a large portion of their technology budget on underwriting, policy administration and claims, the marketing function is emerging in importance. The Rise of the CMO We’ve seen dramatic changes taking place on the Life insurance side…. Read more »

Brokers/Agents Increase Social Usage, But Don’t Measure Results

It seems that Independent Insurance  Brokers and Agents have increased their usage of non-traditional methods (largely social media)  in marketing efforts, but the vast majority have not taken the next step to measure the results. About the Survey …. For the second year in a row, Connecticut based B.H. Burke & Co. conducted a survey… Read more »

Canadian On-line Insurance Activity: Leading May Be Rewarding and Award-Winning

New data and analyses suggest that Canadians are more active than most in on-line activity, and do a respectable amount of buying, but are lagging behind Americans in on-line insurance purchasing. However, there are indications that Canadians are prepared to catch up. Some leading Canadian insurers and brokers are already preparing, and may find their… Read more »