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Technology in 2025: You Want to Insure WHAT?

There’s a site we go to once in a while to get a fix of cutting-edge  technology. A recent visit  surprised us more than usual, because it cuts close to something we’re working on. We would like to introduce an investigation that involves you. It started here… Singularity Hub is the media arm of Singularity University which… Read more »

Insurance in the Democratic Republic of The Internet of Things

Technology scholars occasionally refer to the “Democratization of Technology”.  This refers to the phenomenon of technology becoming increasingly accessible to more people. The recent rise of the Internet of Things  is a classic example, and has important implications for the practice of insurance. will be sponsoring a series of upcoming webinars on these implications. In… Read more »

What’s the Lifespan of Insuring Telematically?

Ten Years. Ten years could be the life span of telematics-enabled, usage-based insurance (UBI), and maybe auto insurance itself, according to one expert on autonomous vehicles, speaking at the  Insurance Telematics Canada 2014 conference in Toronto yesterday. Several members of the audience were vocally skeptical, but the Oracle of Omaha was quoted, adding some credibility. … Read more »

Insurance, Technology, and Innovation: Cruising to Success or a Fast Ride to Nowhere?

Innovation is certainly the rallying cry for the current era. We wonder if, by trying too hard to innovate without looking at a bigger picture, we are pushing ourselves into uncharted and unprofitable territory.  We’d like your thoughts. To boldly go where we might not want to be…. Insurance & Technology’s Nathan Golia alludes to… Read more »

2013: Analytics, a Soupçon of Engagement, and Disruption

Back in the early hours of 2013, we took our crystal ball out and came up with some trends we saw forming on the insurance-technology horizon.  Here’s a synopsis of what we thought then and what we know now. Megatrend: Purposive Analytics We saw the strategic and operational use of analytics as an overarching trend… Read more »

Which Comes First, Technology or Insurance?

Back in the day (the first decade of the 21st century or so), there was a lot of talk about ‘alignment’ between technology and the business of insurance.  We got some sense this year that alignment might be turning into interleaving, with technology and the business of insurance becoming a more singular entity.  We’ll offer… Read more »

Too Much Going On? We’ve Got the Rx For You

One of the phrases we hear most frequently these days when talking to managers and executive in insurance carrier and broker offices is, “We’ve got a lot going on.” It’s typically said with a sigh and a shake of the head, implying it might just be a little too much. If you, too, feel that’s… Read more »

Insurance 2023: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future

On October 3, fifty insurance professionals gathered at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto to review the results to date of a Study Team at the Insurance 2023 Forum. What started as a fairly routine set of presentations was quickly interrupted by a large, active conversation which set the tone for the Forum and will… Read more »

The Road To 2023 Is Paved With Data, Analytics, and Good Stories

Of all the trends identified by the Insurance 2023 Group, Data and Analytics were the two that permeated most of the discussion.  It is clear the insurance engine is fueled by data and guided by analytics.  On this basis, the results of any insurance organization is only as powerful as its data are rich; and… Read more »

Big Data Secrets, Including How to ‘Fail Correctly’

Big Data is a huge topic for insurers these days. A number of projects are being contemplated, with high expectations. However, Big Data projects differ from other IT projects in several respects. Some useful advice is emerging from several sources, including the value of scoped failure. The Insurance 2023 Forum will welcome several experts to… Read more »