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Insurance in the Democratic Republic of The Internet of Things

Technology scholars occasionally refer to the “Democratization of Technology”.  This refers to the phenomenon of technology becoming increasingly accessible to more people. The recent rise of the Internet of Things  is a classic example, and has important implications for the practice of insurance. will be sponsoring a series of upcoming webinars on these implications. In… Read more »

Does the Big Data Future Start with One Step Back?

The old saying, “Data Rich, Information Poor,” seems more applicable today than when it was first coined. Paradoxically, at the same time as we are facing data avalanche, the most important tool to exploit 21st-century data might be one that has been around for more than three decades.  However, this “one step backward” approach may… Read more »

A New Era of Technology: Part 1 – Mobile

As I think of the amazing transformation we have witnessed over the past couple years, I wish I could share this moment with my grandparents. They would be blown away by the simple idea of a smartphone, tablet, or PVR, the technologies we take for granted every day. Does this make us oblivious to how… Read more »

Insurance 2024: A View from the Podium

Who would ever have thought that the insurance industry, which has thrived for many years with a traditional business model, would face pressure to adopt cloud, analytics, mobile and social strategies to meet the needs of its insureds? Regardless, 100 attendees at the Insurance-Canada Executive Forum: Insurance 2024 did. I believe we all came away… Read more »

Will Insurers Lead Transformation with the Internet of Things?

At the recent 2014 Executive Forum, Donald Light, Director – Americas Property/Casualty Practice, Celent, gave an update on the progress of the Internet of Things and his view of the direction the IoT might give to the industry.  It is a bad news/good news story that — we think — needs careful attention. Do… Read more »

A Delicate Balance In Commercial Underwriting Technology

Is effective commercial lines underwriting technology an oxymoron?  There are enough graveyards filled with projects that have arrived DOA to make this seem true.  But hasn’t modern technology had an impact? Perhaps, but not on its own.  There is increasing evidence that technology solutions need to be blended carefully with business wisdom to balance efficiency… Read more »

Can Brokers Manage the Next Wave of IT?

As we look over the topics we have covered in this space, it occurs to us that the brokers might be getting hit with more IT than they expect over the next little while.  We’d like to know what you think, and, if you are part of the broker distribution value chain, what, you think… Read more »

Can You Say ‘No’ to Driverless Cars?

In July, I attended the 2014 Automated Vehicles Symposium in San Francisco. Over the last three years, attendance at the event has grown significantly. This important increase in attendance mirrors the tremendous rise of interest in the subject of driverless technology as well as the rapid pace of technological advancement necessary to bring driverless vehicles… Read more »

CRM: Old Technology At The Eye of the Perfect New Technology Storm

Some of you have commented that we’ve been harping on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for sometime now, without a whole lot of solid reasoning. Fair comment. What we’d like to do on this almost perfect summer’s afternoon is to take a weather reporter’s view of CRM. We’ll look to the past for evidence of incorrect… Read more »

Will Insurers Help Consumers Get Ready for the Internet of Things?

We’re starting to hear real buzz around insurance and the Internet of Things (IoT). On the personal lines side, the only fly in the premium ointment might be the consumer, who may not be ready – or willing. However, insurers could have impact here by showing leadership (and perhaps improving results while grabbing a bit… Read more »