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Disruption: 50 Years On

Disruption is very much in vogue as a target  for new technology.  But disruption is not a recent development.  As a fully invested boomer, I have been thinking about the 50th anniversary of 1967 – a year of fundamental disruption.  Two events stand out in my mind, the latter relating directly to insurance and the importance of… Read more »

On Brokers, InsurTech Experience, and Friday Afternoons

Disruptive forces are pushing into the business of insurance in a big way. In many of the pronouncements from the usurpers and commentators, brokers are pictured as dull artifacts from a long-past time. Some brokers are emulating the digital pioneers. But is the reality of customer experience a bit more nuanced? Brokers Embracing InsurTech Jeff… Read more »

Brokers: Are You on the “Digital Expressway” Wave?

In his books Future Shock (1970) and The Third Wave (1980), Alvin Toffler noted the rapidity of change and the emergence of the information age. Today we are experiencing technology-enabled change as described back then. Question: Is insurance catching the wave and moving quickly onto the digital expressway? Based on the 2016 Technology Awards… Read more »

Whose Biz? uBiz!

Small commercial business is highly competitive.   While the majority of the business continues to be written by brokers, direct writers and direct marketers are making inroads, primarily because of their ability to process the business quickly and efficiently.  Recently Gore Mutual announced an offering which provides efficiency, effectiveness, and the value of an independent broker…. Read more »

Let’s Talk About Tech, Baby: Enhancing lives every day!

Reminiscent of the industrial revolution, technology has revolutionized the way that we live. Technology has the ability to enhance our lives and simplify daily tasks by designing devices to reduce our workload. From washing machines to smart phones, technological advances have transitioned us into a state of automation. The insurance industry is no different than… Read more »

The Agent Advisor: Virtual, but Very Real

Watson, the computer made famous for winning on the quiz show Jeopardy!, is getting a lot of media attention. Already, the medical profession has already adopted Watson Oncology Advisor to advise physicians in selecting appropriate treatment protocols for their patients. Watson and cognitive computing has captured the imagination of leading insurers and banks who are… Read more »

Have Pity on the ICTA Jury; It’s Your Fault, After All

The Technology Awards (ICTA) jurists are good, honest, hard-working people. So why do we treat them so badly? There is really only one reason:  You made us do it. The least we all can do is take some pity on them and be very kind to them when you seen them in March. About… Read more »

Independent Agents and the Disappearing Internet: The Road to Insurance 2024

Recent research suggests that the Internet, and related social functionality, is becoming ‘invisible’ — simply blending into, and augmenting, our normal activities.  This is not just a theoretical construct for leading independent insurance agents and brokers, as the experience of a six-person independent insurance agency demonstrates. We’d like your thoughts on the phenomenon of the… Read more »

BMS Vendors bring their A-games to #ICTC2014; What do YOU want to know?

The challenge from Randy Carroll, CEO of the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario,  was simple:  “We want the brokers to see the BMS vendors’ best products for the present and their plans for the future.  Tell them to bring their A-Games.”  With the active cooperation of Randy and his team at IBAO, we think we’ve… Read more »

Brave New Brokers in The Changing Reality

People ask me why I am so passionate an advocate for ORBiT. Simple: ORBiT members, me included, believe there is no “one” right technology solution for our industry, but there is just one best practice workflow that starts at the broker’s fingertips. Assuming that is in place, there are many options for technology solutions to… Read more »