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Telematics: A 2 Year Overnight Sensation

We had an interesting discussion recently with a senior IT executive from a top 10 Canadian P&C insurer on trends.  His feeling was that Telematics, the technology that allows driving behaviour to be recorded, uploaded to carriers, and analyzed, was among the top new technologies to watch.  His organization was just starting to investigate it,… Read more »

Canadian Insurers Going SmartPhone Mobile: Will the Customer Follow?

Canadian P&C insurers are taking tentative steps to support mobile technology through smart phones.  But will the customer follow?  And how will brokers react? In 2010, State Farm Canada introduced an App that allowed insureds using iPhones, Android phones, and, subsequently, iPads to perform a variety of functions including accessing account information, filing claims, and… Read more »

Location, Location, Location

It is becoming clear that location is the next big dimension for social media users and developers.  Marketers seem to have clear thoughts about opportunities.  So where is the insurance community on this? According to trend watcher, SocialMediaExaminer, since location-based check-in using mobile devices  (wherein you and your friends can keep track of all your… Read more »

Is Canada Behind in Social Media Use?

Lately, one of the more frequent questions we hear seems to be: “Are we Canadians lagging in the use of social media for business?”  A couple of recent items suggest that we probably are, in business generally, and insurance specifically. The Weekend Globe and Mail (16 Apr) carried an article:  ‘Canadian Job Seekers Lag in… Read more »

Collaboration Roadmap – Implications for Distribution

Several analysts at the 2011 Insurance Canada Technology Conference noted a trend towards collaboration on data and documents within the insurance community.  See our post on some of these.  A recently published article in CMS Wire by Joe Shepley, a strategy consulting professional, provides a roadmap that could be used by insurers, brokers,  claims professionals… Read more »

Data: Where Marketing and IT Meet

Marketing-IT relationships have historically been challenging.   Marketers generally want to understand new trends and opportunities, and take this curiosity to the world of technology.  IT professionals usually share this curiosity, but when it comes to enterprise computing, frequently like to err on the side of stability and caution.  At the extreme, IT can view… Read more »

Are Tablets Just New Tools, Or Change Agents?

There has been debate in the Insurance IT community which may be resolved before it actually builds up steam.  The central question now is, “Will Tablets be an alternative to laptop computer devices.”  The real questions might be, “Who is going to support our producers using Tablets and What will we do with all those… Read more »

New Uses For Data Standards: The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be

We recently posted on the continuing discussion on (versus implementation of) data standards within the independent broker/agent – carrier community.  It may be that at the end of the day, we will realize that the development of data standards failed to meet the original stated purpose in a timely fashion, but turned out to be… Read more »

The Future of Insurance: If Not Technology, Then What?

Is the insurance industry really immune from the impact of technology?  Or will the collaborative nature of Web 2.0 and Social Media force a new reality on the community? Ara Trembly, has been preaching the importance of technology to the insurance community for years.  However, in a recent post, reviewing a report from Deloitte, even… Read more »

Telematics: Service Providers Lead a Path that Insurers Could Follow

We have blogged in the past about some of the isolated examples of insurers using Telematics – use of technology to monitor vehicles – (e.g.,  see comments on Commercial Underwriting) as well as on-going debate by some insurers as to the utility of the approach.  A recent posting by Jamie Yoder, principal at PwC’s Diamond… Read more »

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