Directory of Providers of Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are a class onto themselves, because of their unique characteristics. This special vehicle class includes recreational vehicles, converted buses, motor homes, camping trailers, and all-in-one campers.

As these are vehicles with special purposes which have significantly different characteristics, the factors which determine the nature and cost of insurance are also different.

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Featured Providers

Recreational vehicle insurance covers almost any type of vehicle you can think of, including motorcycles, boats, jet skis, ATVs, snowmobiles, dune buggies, dirt bikes, off-road vehicles, motorhomes, and classic cars.

It’s important to get insurance for these because recreational vehicles like ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, and jet skis are known to be dangerous.

Around 100 people die each year in boating accidents, according to Transport Canada. Insuring your boat depends on a number of factors like how you use your boat, length, and type.

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