Standard Auto Insurance and Quotes

Where accidents are concerned, be a Boy Scout – “be prepared.”

Tip: Of course you carry an emergency kit in your car. Does it include a road map, flashlight, first-aid kit, and blankets? (Specialized reflective “survival blankets” are best.)

The automobile is a cornerstone of Canadian society. Nearly all vehicles make their way onto the highway and road network, for which insurance is mandatory across the country. Many Canadians who work depend on their vehicle for personal transportation to and from work. Most drivers also rely on a car for errands and recreation.

Some vehicles require special insurance because they are uncommon or unique in some way: high performance, antique, customized, etc. Similarly, some drivers require auto insurance with special terms and conditions due to their driving record, accident history or another characteristic which takes them out of the norm. Most, however, qualify for standard auto insurance.

The cost of insurance varies significantly due to characteristics of the driver(s) and the car(s), where and when it is driven and parked, and more. Check with the featured providers below for a quote and to buy, and seek advice from a qualified professional to make sure the insurance you buy matches your needs.

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Featured Providers

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