Antique Auto Insurance

Antique autos are a class unto themselves, especially to the owners who treasure them. For insurance purposes, cars with certain special characteristics fall into some unique classes (though definitions can vary province by province as insurance in Canada is regulated at the provincial level):

Antique - if it is over 20 years of age;
Classic - if it is 15-20 years of age;
Modified/Customized - if 15 years of age and older; and
Military - for jeeps, troop carriers and tanks.

Prized specialty autos are often so prized by their owners that they rarely see the outdoors in anything but good weather and are normally driven much less distance than everyday vehicles. However, if damaged, they can be much more expensive to repair to an unblemished state and are subject to different insurance rates, terms and conditions, and rules for valuation.

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Cheap classic car insurance is widely available in the market today and insurers are aware that owners of classic vehicles have a tendency to maintain them very well and their vehicles are not used every single day.

People who own classic cars do not use them often and they take good care of their classic cars; this implies that the cost for classic car insurance will be cheaper than insurance premium for other kinds of vehicles. Give us a call at 705-785-3704 or get a quote online today!