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“Insurance Vectors in Play: Risk, Technology, Engagement”

16th annual Insurance-Canada.ca Technology Conference
February 27-28, 2018 — Toronto Beanfield Centre

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Latest Posts At The Intersection

  • Can We Take Pride in Insurance Technology?
    For the longest time after I started working in the insurance industry, I accepted the common wisdom that insurance technology was a laggard in comparison to other sectors. Whether that was ever true, InsurTech is definitely at play now, driving ...
  • Nudge Theory and Insurtech – Happy Bedfellows?
    Richard Thaler’s Nobel Prize-winning “Nudge Theory” is finding its way into tech and, specifically, insurtech.  Will this be a happy relationship, or cause for putting up fences? Coming together… Thaler contends that (1) positive reinforcement ...
  • Risk, Technology, Engagement: The Wholly Trinity On Display
    The business of insurance is changing dramatically.  We have identified three interconnected pressure points – Risk, Technology, and Engagement – that now define critical factors in the new era of insurance. These factors will inform the ...
  • Technology Addiction: A Fatal Distraction
    You are more likely to be reading this on a mobile device than on a laptop or desktop. A June 2017 Pew survey revealed that 77% of Americans own a smartphone and 85% of U.S. adults get their news on a mobile device at least some of the time. And ...
  • 2018: An Insurance Functional Divide?
    2018 will be an interesting year. As InsurTech matures, there are increased pressures to join the digital transformation movement. First movers are setting the course for this, but not all will be in a position to adapt quickly. Will this result in ...

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