Sentiance Introduces First Mobile Crash Detection for Motorcycles

Breaking New Ground

Antwerp, Be;gium (May 5, 2024) – Sentiance, a leader in road safety solutions, is pleased to announce a significant advancement in motorcycle safety with the expansion of its mobile Crash Detection technology. Originally developed for cars, this first-of-its-kind solution is now tailored specifically for motorcycles.

Built on state-of-the-art interpretive AI and machine learning models, Sentiance’s Crash Detection technology utilizes smartphone sensors and GPS data to analyze motion data in real-time. This enables the system to detect potential impacts with exceptional accuracy and reliability, addressing the unique dynamics of motorcycles. Unlike other systems, Sentiance’s technology operates directly on-device, ensuring a high level of privacy and data security.

“Today we see around 30% of all road crash deaths globally involving motorcycles, with countries like Thailand having an average of 5,000 motorcyclist deaths recorded annually. Ahead of the game, we’re not just enhancing safety features for those motorcycle riders, we are fundamentally transforming their safety landscape,” said Toon Vanparys, CEO of Sentiance. “This technology is not only a game-changer for individual safety but also addresses a significant need in markets where motorcycles are essential for daily transport and industries like food, grocery, and document delivery.”

This technology is especially crucial in regions like APAC, the Middle East, India, Africa, and South America, to transform road safety standards and make advanced safety tools easily accessible. Sentiance’s scalable and affordable technology ensures that even in cost-sensitive markets, safety, and privacy are not compromised.

By reducing accident response times and improving driving behaviors through data-driven insights, Sentiance’s mobile Crash Detection promises to reduce accident response times, saving lives and improving road conditions globally.

About Sentiance

Sentiance is the leader in motion insights. Our mission is to save lives every day and shape the future of road safety. Unlike telematics companies, we focus on the driver and not the vehicle because most accidents are caused by human error. With our revolutionary on-device AI technology, companies use insights from The Edge Platform to produce scalable, cost-efficient, and privacy-centric solutions for their customers. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Sentiance

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