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A 2024 ICTA nomination

Toronto, ON (Feb. 2, 2024) – Wisedocs’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) Medical Record Summary Platform, launched in June 2023, has implemented our state-of-the-art machine learning capabilities to enable customers who process medical records to immediately generate a summary in their medical documents. Designed with the insurance industry in mind, our platform builds off our existing medical record review software to further support stakeholders within the insurance ecosystem to conduct fast and inexpensive reviews.

With this innovative technology for the insurance industry, customers can quickly summarize thousands of pages of medical records while gaining intelligent insights across documents by leveraging our generative artificial intelligence. Insurance companies, legal firms, third-party medical evaluators and clinical staff can leverage Wisedocs’ summary platform to gain concise medical summaries, extract key clinical information, and build meaningful and fully customizable medical summaries. Through the Wisedocs platform, users will have access to various features to further address and customize the medical records for review. Key features of this release include an interactive timeline view, summary templates, keyword and date filtering, and an interactive summary annotator. The use of these features further allows customers to quickly review the medical record and gain insights into the claimant’s medical history.

Wisedocs’ existing and new customers who have tested and interacted with the new platform are already advocating for the innovative technology. This interactive summary tool builds off the summary offering Wisedocs has been providing to customers since the summer of 2022. With this platform, Wisedocs provides a technology-first medical summarization product that leverages advanced machine learning models to drive accuracy. We are consistently working with advanced technologies to deliver on summary outputs. With this platform, we have an in-house team of clinically trained Quality Assurance specialists to ensure 99% accuracy across all medical record summaries.

Wisedocs’ AI Medical Record Summaries are primarily extractive, meaning that we leverage LLMs and NLP/NLU to pull objective information out of the medical record. We do use abstractive summarization to take unstructured sentences and reports (tables, lists, and similar) and create a narrative summary. With the use of these technologies, our summary platform is able to create meaningful human-readable summaries to give our clients efficient and comprehensive summaries that are easy to grasp in their medical record reviews. Wisedocs does not generate new medical data as we create the clinical opinion but compile the medical data and craft a response and summary with the existing information from the medical documents. Through the implementation of this product, we have created over 100 proprietary document categorization models to do this work effectively and have analyzed over 30 million medical record pages and 100 million medical data points.

Key Features:

  • Question & Answer Insights – Users can select from a list of standard questions, or enter custom queries, to receive an AI generated answer based on the medical documents.
  • PDF Viewer – Users can extract text and snapshots of the medical source documents on an interactive page-by-page basis to populate and further customize their medical summary.
  • List View – Utilizing Wisedocs proprietary AI, users can access a comprehensive list of key terms, compiling all occurrences within the medical document for efficient reference and further analysis.
  • Custom Summary Synopsis – Wisedocs allows users to enter any custom requirements into our medical summary platform to gain a custom generated summary of the selected medical documents, including page numbers of all associated source documents.
  • Timeline View – Users can gain a comprehensive understanding of the medical records in a timeline format, highlighting important assessments, examinations, and injury occurrences for quick review.
  • Search Function – Users can search for key phrases, document types, author names and other queries. This search query will surface all documents related to the specific search platform wide for quick review.
  • Custom Date Range – Users are able to filter the medical record by a specific date range to further customize their medical summary experience platform wide. reflecting only the specific range across our various features.

Medical Summary Pipeline

Users are able to upload their case files to our Wisedocs platform where the medical documents will then be passed through our proprietary OCR and machine learning pipeline in order to digitize the unstructured medical records. Wisedocs uses our state-of-the-art LLM technology to create the extractive and minimally abstractive medical summary. The Wisedocs Quality Assurance team is enlisted to review the medical summary to ensure a 99% accuracy across medical information and to ensure our summaries exceed our client’s expectations of clear, concise, and customized medical summaries to meet their specific requirements. The file is then released back to the user for their efficient and inexpensive medical case reviews.

Business Value

  • Question & Answer Insights – Real time, immediate and interactive answer outputs for users versus multiple minutes it may take a user to sift through records to formulate their own answers
  • PDF Viewer – An average of 2 hours per user to compile a summary, now done instantly with Wisedocs
  • List View – On average 80% of users had no way to see trends and groups of occurrences like medications and diagnosis, they were using traditional methods like F+search to look for data word by word, now 100% of users can see this information immediately
  • Custom Summary Synopsis – Users would typically only have one compiled semi clean document to work with. With Wisedocs they now have the ability to take 1 set of medical records and produce unlimited versions, supporting different business use cases. Wisedocs outputs can be tailored for every single user vs traditional outputs of one just one version.
  • Timeline View – 98 % of users did not have the ability to see a visual timeline of their data, 100% of users that have the timeline package have the ability to see their data in a visual timeline manner with the ability to filter categories to populate the Timeline
  • Search Function – Intelligent OCR allows 100% of users to search for any characters and key clinical information, even throughout handwritten documents. Saving users 2 hours of review time on average per case
  • Custom Date Range – Users have the ability to extract and analyze exact date data points resulting in 100s-1000s dates presented.

About Wisedocs

Wisedocs is the medical record indexing, review, and AI summaries software platform for insurance carriers, healthcare providers, law firms, and TPAs for the claims industry. Wisedocs serves the auto, liability, disability, workers’ compensation, tort law, and similar markets. Wisedocs provides an easy-to-integrate solution for improved accuracy and speed to deliver improved outcomes in processing medical records. Wisedocs raised $4.1M in an oversubscribed seed round in 2022 and launched their game-changing Summaries platform in 2023. Launched in 2021, and expanded across North America, Wisedocs is at the forefront of change in the claims ecosystem.

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