Digitally Transforming Commercial Broker Workflow: Fuse Insurance

A 2024 ICTA nomination

Toronto, ON (Jan. 25, 2024) – Fuse Insurance is an independent commercial insurance brokerage based in Western Canada that has been completely focused on technology and digital practices from the start. When the company launched in 2017, we realized that the software we were looking for was not available in the Canadian commercial insurance marketplace. We set out to create a high-tech commercial insurance brokerage by combining the use of several data-driven partnerships with our own in-house software. We have spent the last six years adding and improving upon our software integrations and partnerships in order to find the best ways to automate and seamlessly connect the daily activities in our brokerage.

Key Technology Enhancements:

  • Online Quote Application: One of the most successful partnerships we have implemented has been with Calefy, which powers our online application creation and quoting platform. It produces high-quality website leads by asking the right questions up front. This drastically speeds up the process of taking a website or phone lead to a complete submission. The quality of our submissions are also enhanced by data-driven partnerships with leading technology companies including Google and Opta.
  • BMS: We use a digital brokerage management system through Vertafore to help our staff work more efficiently, stay organized and reduce errors. It allows for better visibility across our book of business so that we can develop a deeper understanding of our client base and deliver the best experience possible.
  • CRM: We use for our sales workflow automation system, which helps our employees organize and streamline their new business and sales cycle processes. We also use our CRM to create automated email outreach campaigns for everything from new business to renewals. This CRM also allows us to easily track and analyze every data point and interaction in order to constantly be improving our sales strategies.
  • Payment: We added an API integration with First Insurance Funding, which speeds up our process of issuing and completing finance contracts and online payments.
  • Sales and Marketing: We utilize automated prospecting and outreach solutions to supplement our new business development strategy. We also leverage digital marketing strategies to supplement our sales efforts. We have been able to drive a considerable number of leads through search engine optimization (SEO) and social media best practices across our website in order achieve an out-sized digital presence.

To tie everything together, all of our digital integrations are enhanced by custom connections built through our in-house software team for a highly automated and seamless experience. All of our operations are also accessible to our staff through secure cloud software so that our team can easily communicate and collaborate across documents, presentations, spreadsheets and programs.

The Results

The digital operations that we’ve incorporated into our brokerage improve the overall insurer, partner, and client experience as well as our broker daily workflow. These technology integrations and partnerships have enabled us to:

  • Substantially reduce the number of broker touchpoints in the quoting process, from 6 to 2 on average
  • Significantly increase the speed of our new business intake and submission process, with an average of 30 mins saved per client
  • Receive an influx of high-quality website leads, with 2,300 leads that have come in from the Calefy system since implementation
  • Improve our measurement of business performance analytics to maximize sales efficiency and revenue
  • Continue to grow our book of business, with 34.8% growth in number of clients YoY and 41.5% of that coming from new business
  • Grow our online presence and reach, with a 41% increase in Google Search visibility YoY

Having the technology in place to automate several steps in our brokerage workflow allows our brokers to dedicate more hours in their day towards building meaningful client relationships and towards revenue generating activities.

About Fuse Insurance

Launched in 2017, Fuse Insurance is the evolution of the commercial insurance brokerage, and the first of its kind in Western Canada. Backed by policies from a selection of A-rated insurers, Fuse Insurance can provide coverage for businesses large and small from almost any industry. Fuse was voted as Brokerage of the Year (less than 10 employees) at the Insurance Business Canada Awards in 2019.

Learn more at, and for the latest updates, visit the Fuse Insurance Blog.

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