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A 2024 ICTA nomination

Toronto, ON (Jan. 22, 2024) – Accident Support Services International Ltd. (ASSI) has established a Collision Reporting Centre Program (CRCP) that meets the needs of many industries for post-collision care. To support industry needs, ASSI had originally developed CROMS (Collision Reporting and Occurrence Management System) for users to log in to access customer service collision report packages digitally, containing added-value features for insurance and police partners, by capturing information not listed on provincial collision reporting forms, such as certain passenger/injury information.

With further expansion into Western Canada and the grand opening of the Edmonton Collision Reporting Centres (CRCs) in the fall of 2022, ASSI released CROMS Version 3.0 for Alberta for all insurers supporting the program. Since its inception, ASSI has continued to invest heavily in CROMS and is always looking for ways to improve products and services to better service partners and the public. Over the last year the product has grown substantially, including more features to ensure that adjusters and claims teams have all the information at their fingertips faster, to make informed decisions and be the insurer’s first notice of loss.

While insurers still realize the same value-added services previously, ASSI raised the bar by implementing the following for insurer partners:

  • Total Loss Notification: Based on certain collision report fields, a series of questions completed at the CRC, and direct integration with the CROMS damage estimating tool, the application uses a weighting system to determine if the vehicle is a potential total loss. Upon identification a notice is sent to the insurers as per their setup, allowing an adjuster to act immediately to limit and reduce potential storage costs.
  • Amendment Notification: The notification is triggered when key information is updated based on police review, or further investigation including driver action, driver condition, charges, injury status, or additional photographs are updated. This notification allows adjusters to have the most up-to-date information for informed claims handling, triaging, and decision-making for an enhanced customer experience and to help reduce unnecessary payouts.
  • Customer Service Retention Messaging: Insurers can provide a custom message to their insured on the self-assisted kiosk that outlines the next steps in the claims process, which is displayed directly to the citizen as they are completing their report. This message can include a phone number or any other instructions/information needed after being involved in a collision.
  • Account Management: A very important update is the ability for insurance companies to manage their users from the secure access management module within CROMS.  An administrator, or multiple administrators can be assigned, who can add/deactivate users, and assist in password resets. This update adds more convenience for insurance users to be able to have their access management team/designates manage the complete process of new employee setup and user maintenance.
  • Photo taking application: In order to standardize the photographs, a photograph application was added to make sure ASSI’s customer service representatives take the industry-required photographs to ensure that adjusters have all the necessary photographs to catch creative damage, perform virtual appraisals, and/or order accident reconstructions to name a few. The photographs automatically upload to the file allowing files to be completed faster, increasing the First Notice of Loss opportunity.
  • Self-assisted kiosk application including drawing program: The self-assisted kiosk application was introduced to efficiently service citizens, allowing for insurers to have more information on involved driver responses. Insurers also receive professional drawings of the collision diagram rather than their customer’s hand-drawn diagram to assist in their determination of fault.

CROMS Version 3.0 for Alberta has been providing member insurers with enhanced customer service collision report packages, facilitating claims cost control and delivering an elevated customer service experience.

Business Value to Auto Insurers

The enhancement of customer service collision report packages from CROMS 3.0 for Alberta update provides member insurers with more information to allow them to make informed decisions while adjusting their files, saving time and money.

  • Total Loss Notification: On average there is a savings of two (2) days of storage and rental costs, where applicable.
  • Time Savings & Reduced Telephone Tag for Claims Analysts: The amendment notification and self-assisted kiosk application, savings are aggregated into the total value proposition of one (1) hour for 80% of the claims. Additionally, there are customer service opportunities, reducing unnecessary payouts including an increase in the awareness of alcohol-related collisions.
  • Customer Service Retention Messaging: Insurance can proactively provide next-step information for their customer’s client retention, the benefit of this is early intervention, which helps to prevent delays, reducing total claims costs.
  • Account Management: User processing times improved by 100%, as ASSI no longer needs to be engaged for every user creation.
  • Photograph Application: Aggregated into the value of photographs – reduction in creative damage for 10% of claims, identification of BI frauds & exaggerations for 4% of claims. Files can be closed on average 8% faster, getting the information to the insurers faster for a first notice of loss.

About Accident Support Services International

ASSI is the facilitator of the Collision Reporting Centre Program (CRCP). The program meets the needs of many industries for post-collision care and is an extension of the claims process. The CRCP allows for an in-person review of collision details with the driver to complete the official provincial collision report, for vehicle damage documented and gives insurers the opportunity to provide direction for next steps in the customers claim. ASSI also provides police on scene investigated collision reports through our Collision Reporting and Occurrence Management System (CROMS), where insurers use one common portal to access available collision reports. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Accident Support Services International

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