Zurich UK slashes claim times to just 13 minutes after introducing WhatsApp and video customer journeys

  • Insurer Zurich UK slashes average contents insurance claim times to 13 minutes for customers using new communication channel
  • Refreshed video messaging service Hello Zurich sees a 400% increase in customer uptake
  • Zurich continues to implement technology to help ease the claims process for policyholders

London, UK (Nov. 14, 2023) – Waiting times for Zurich customers have been slashed dramatically after the insurer introduced video and WhatsApp messaging for customers making a claim.

Claims times have been cut to an average of just 13 minutes for customers using a new WhatsApp messaging option, while Zurich has seen a five-fold rise in the number of customers using the insurer’s new video messaging service, Hello Zurich.

Hello Zurich allows claims handlers to video call with claimants, building trust from day one while allowing handlers to capture visual information about the claim, significantly reducing time and hassle for customers and eliminating the need for long email exchanges.

Zurich is also employing the service for customers identified as vulnerable, who may be more comfortable discussing their claim face-to-face rather than over email or the phone.

Meanwhile Zurich has also launched an end-to-end WhatsApp messaging journey for contents insurance claimants. This enables customers to share information instantly with images taken and stored on their mobile devices and the option to instantly copy documents via their camera apps.

As a result, the average time to agree settlement has been reduced to just 13 minutes for customers making contents insurance claims. Zurich plans to expand the service into other lines in the future. Zurich can automatically detect if a caller has WhatsApp before sending an instant message with the option to communicate via the app, eliminating the need to wait for a call handler to answer.

Mike Essam, Head of Express Claims, Zurich UK said:

“The feedback we’ve gathered for both Hello Zurich and our new WhatsApp option shows that many of our customers like the convenience and ease of instant messaging or a video call, they can move their claim forward when they’re out and about which means more claims are settled swiftly.

“Since the pandemic people have become much more familiar with video messaging technology, and it is allowing us to build a better rapport with our customers, more accurately assess damage, and settle claims more quickly and easily. We’re really excited to see the reaction from customers as we roll out these tools more widely, continuing the digital transformation of our claims service.”

About Zurich

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Source: Zurich UK

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