Actuarial Leader Valani Global Acquires MSA Research

Valani Global warmly welcomes MSA Research into its family

Toronto, ON (Nov. 1, 2023) – Valani Global, a leading actuarial modeling and financial reporting firm, is pleased to announce the acquisition of MSA Research, a Canadian analytical research firm specializing in the insurance industry.

Joel Baker, CEO of MSA, stated, “This acquisition combines MSA’s strong market presence with Valani Global’s expertise in the life and health insurance sectors, enhancing our IFRS-17 capabilities. We are excited to join Valani Global, which recently expanded its team by acquiring P&C actuarial firm JSCP (Joe S. Cheng and Partners). Valani Global has a robust team of 38 actuarial professionals across Canada and the U.S., including 29 fully qualified actuaries and 8 associates.”

Nazir Valani, Founder of Valani Global, commented, “The synergy between the three companies solidifies our position as a one-stop shop for actuarial services.”

Founded in 2003, MSA Research is an independent, impartial research firm focusing on Canada’s insurance market. It serves as the primary source of financial data for 95% of the Canadian insurance sector through its MSA Researcher Platform. Additionally, MSA hosts premier executive-level events in the property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry, including The National Insurance Conference of Canada (NICC), InsurTech North, and CatIQ Connect.

MSA aims to equip Canadian insurance professionals with comprehensive financial data, advanced analytics, and collaborative industry opportunities.

Among MSA’s diverse clientele are:

  • A majority of Canada’s P&C insurers
  • Global reinsurers
  • Numerous life insurance companies
  • Reinsurance and primary brokers
  • Audit and actuarial firms
  • Regulatory bodies and government agencies
  • Rating agencies
  • Consulting firms
  • Industry associations
  • Industry suppliers
  • Investment banks and equity analysts

Valani Global sees the addition of MSA as a significant boost in offering comprehensive actuarial solutions to clients, further integrating its services with those of the recently acquired JSCP.

By welcoming MSA into the Valani Global family, we strengthen our pledge to deliver exceptional value to our clients. Together, we continue to focus on providing advanced analytical solutions and opportunities for industry collaboration, all supported by stringent risk and scope management.

With MSA now part of the Valani Global family, we further our commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our clients. Valani Global, JSCP, and MSA continue to focus on innovation, meeting client objectives, and delivering high-quality projects, all underscored by diligent risk and scope management.

About Valani Global

Valani Global is a leading actuarial modeling and financial reporting firm specializing in providing comprehensive actuarial solutions across various sectors.

About MSA Research

Founded in 2003, MSA Research is a Canadian analytical research firm with a primary focus on the Canadian insurance market. It aims to equip industry professionals with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed.. For more information, visit

SOURCE: MSA Research