World’s First All-Speed Crash Detection, Including ZeroMotion, by Sfara

Hoboken, NJ (Oct. 26, 2023) – Sfara is pleased to announce the world’s first all-speed crash detection, from zero motion to high speeds, capturing the additional 70% of automobile crashes that other solutions miss.

Sfara’s smartphone-based crash detection covers users through the full range of driving conditions, including under 25mph and when a vehicle is not moving. Other solutions either miss or don’t report these incidents because they are unable to reliably perform.

This means Sfara’s technology is the only solution on the market that detects the additional 70% of incidents others miss, and works quickly and accurately enough to support programs for both First-Notice-of-Loss (FNOL) and emergency response.

Despite conventional thinking, collisions that occur below 25mph are vitally important, given the injuries and the property damages that occur. Government and industry statistics present a startling picture of what occurs on roadways that the others miss.

Injury and Damage Facts

What occurs under 25mph:

  •     70% of crashes
  •     48% of crashes with injury
  •     22% of crashes with fatalities
  •     20% of crashes occur in parking lots

Non-moving vehicle (injury and damage facts)

  •     27% of crashes with injury occur when a vehicle is not moving
  •     11% of crashes with fatalities occur when a vehicle is not moving
  •     700,000 crashes occur at stop signs annually, with over 1300 of these resulting in a death

In addition to the above, most people are surprised to learn that airbags deploy in only 30% of reported crashes.

“There’s simply no way to justify missing 70% of detectable collisions that represent nearly half of all injuries and fatalities,” said Rocco Tricarico, CMO of Sfara. “Through this announcement, Sfara is continuing its mission of educating the industry to the human cost associated with selecting inferior crash detection technologies.”

This announcement is monumental news for several industries striving to deploy enterprise programs that rely on cost-effective crash detection services.

“Numerous analysts agree that the insurance industry has the potential for a 5-point margin gain with a program combining fraud detection, FNOL and claims acceleration, enabled by an offer of free emergency response to the consumer,” says Nino Tarantino, GM of Insurance for Sfara. “With this breakthrough, we can deliver over three times more incident detections, greatly enhancing the business economics for insurance carriers.”

When you combine Sfara’s new ZeroMotionTM capability with its Integrated Suppression Framework, Sfara now possesses the only crash detection technology to cover the full range of crashes at any speed, including the additional 70% of crashes the others miss. Sfara offers their smartphone-based solution through an SDK easily integrated into other apps.


All Speed Crash Detection Matters, by Sfara from sfara on Vimeo.

All data provided is sourced through NTHSA, National Safety Council, National Library of Medicine or Journal of Safety Research, unless otherwise annotated.

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We’re advancing mobile safety technology at home, in the workplace, and everywhere in between. Through patented machine learning algorithms and the raw processing power and sensors of today’s smartphones and tablets. Sfara is a universal safety solution to people in various stages of life and industry such as automotive, healthcare, higher education, employee benefits, and many more.

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