InnSure launches cross-disciplinary network of experts, innovators and climate-impacted communities

InnSure Corps program to connect next generation of leaders to new ideas in order to solve climate change-related challenges

Toronto, ON (Sept. 18, 2023) — InnSure, the mission-driven nonprofit dedicated to harnessing the power of the insurance industry to combat climate change, is pleased to announce the launch of InnSure Corps, a cross-disciplinary network of experts, innovators and climate-impacted communities.

Designed to support leadership development by connecting professionals across traditional boundaries, InnSure Corps is dedicated to innovating and deploying insurance core competencies as a primary tool to amplify and accelerate climate-friendly practices and facilitate more resilient communities.

“Climate change is the defining professional development challenge for the next generation of insurance leaders, and understanding the power of insurance is a crucial professional development area for climate action leaders across all sectors,” said Doug Shulkin, InnSure Corps Program Director. “Through this new initiative, our collective efforts will make the world safer, more secure, and more sustainable.”

InnSure Corps is launching founding Chapters in Boston, NYC, Chicago and Austin, TX. Participants will have access to member-only events, event discounts, networking, project opportunities, educational workshops, leadership initiatives, and a regular newsletter, among other benefits.

Corporate Sponsors of InnSure Corps will also reap benefits from involvement with the program, particularly when it comes to attracting, developing, and maintaining talent and fostering the next generation of responsible leadership. As a mission-driven organization, InnSure is well-positioned to help companies develop and maintain a focus on sustainability and inclusivity.

InnSure is actively seeking members, mentors, founding chapter presidents for new locations, and leaders to drive the program agenda by leading programming councils. Professionals interested in learning more about InnSure Corps and how to get involved should navigate to join InnSure Corps.

About InnSure

InnSure is a mission-driven nonprofit at the intersection of insurance innovation and climate change. By amplifying and accelerating climate-friendly insurance solutions and innovation, InnSure is catalyzing a quick, bold, and decisive insurance industry response to climate risk. The organization views its mission through a societal lens, looking for nature-positive ways that insurance can make the world better, create new markets, close the protection gap, increase community resilience, and accelerate the transition to carbon net zero. Through initiatives like the annual InnSure Climate Forum and the NYSERDA-supported Insurance Innovation for Climate-Technology Solutions program, the InnSure ecosystem is designed to foster collaboration between insurance professionals, policymakers, communities, entrepreneurs, risk capacity providers, investors, and stakeholders. For more information, visit

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