Trufla and PowerBroker Integration Provides Brokers with AI-Powered Data Tools

Two-way BMS Communication to streamline brokers’ operations and boost efficiency

Calgary, AB (May 11, 2023) — Trufla is pleased to announce the successful integration of its Broker AI data tools with PowerBroker. The powerful integration enables insurance brokers to provide PowerBroker users with enhanced real-time data insights and tools to improve their marketing, sales, customer retention, and operations.

The two-way BMS communication uses artificial intelligence to maximize a broker’s cross-selling opportunities, reduce E&O exposures, and improve customer engagement to simplify the broker’s workflow.

With Big Data and AI integration, PowerBroker users will see growth in the following areas:

  • Operational efficiencies to increase profitability
  • Customer engagement and loyalty
  • Cross sales
  • Reduced E&O exposure
  • Increase in retention
  • Increase in brand awareness
  • More targeted marketing strategies

At the centerpiece of the integration, Trufla’s Retention AI delivers real-time visibility into customer cancellations and E&O risks within seconds.

“We are proud to collaborate with PowerBroker to bring our innovative AI tools to insurance brokers. This integration will revolutionize the way brokers manage their businesses, enabling them to harness the full potential of their data and make better-informed decisions,” said Trufla’s CEO Sherif Gemayel.

This innovative AI-driven integration enables brokers to gain unique insights into their customers’ behaviors and preferences. Additional features include customer self-service, broker data dashboard, and automated email marketing —enhancements that enable brokers to seamlessly manage clients’ personal and commercial insurance needs within the PowerBroker platform.

Snapshot of key integration features:

  • Display personal/commercial policies in the customer app/portal.
  • Display commercial certificates in the app and portal.
  • Display pink cards for every vehicle (including fleets).
  • Commercial COI.
  • Commercial and personal self-service requests and changes.
  • Email communications and marketing noted in PowerBroker client file.
  • Retention AI renewal and other data results to be noted in PowerBroker client file.

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About Trufla Technology

Originating in the insurance sector, Trufla has expertly integrated real-world insurance knowledge with advanced AI technologies to design tools that revolutionize the distribution process. With a global client base exceeding 200, Trufla is committed to leveraging AI to empower distributors to thrive and expand in an increasingly digital world. Trufla’s innovative product suite includes an AI-driven customer self-service platform, comprehensive sales and customer management solutions, digital marketing strategies, and AI-fueled data insights. Boasting a diverse team of over 100 specialists in insurance, web development, AI, app development, and UI/UX, Trufla has rapidly emerged as a premier AI-centric insurtech provider in Canada, earning the title of 2022’s Best InsurTech Provider by Insurance Business Canada. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Trufla Technology Ltd.

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