Segic facilitates access to education savings and benefits for employees in the Canadian market

Montrela, QC (May 5, 2023) – Segic, a technology company specializing in developing a global platform for organizations’ group and individual benefits, is proud to announce the launch of new employee benefits through a partnership with Kaleido, a Quebec leader in education savings (RESP).

Segic’s rapid growth in the Canadian market and its desire to quickly enter the global stage helped it target innovative suppliers that offer services to employees participating in a benefits or group insurance plan, self-employed workers or associations through the Segic platform’s Benefits Marketplace.

Segic has developed a platform over the past eight years to manage group insurance plans from administration to claim payment. However, as the market evolves, organizations want to take a global approach and offer a selection of benefits based on the employee’s needs, said Danny Boulanger, Segic’s President & CEO.

The partnership with Kaleido will allow Segic’s clients to take advantage of flexible RESPs and distinctive family support and education benefits, seamlessly integrating into the comprehensive group benefit offer in the benefits market. “For example, organizations without group insurance will be able to offer Kaleido’s turnkey investment products and family support services through Segic platform’s Benefits Marketplace,” added Danny Boulanger.

Segic and Kaleido share a common vision of providing accessible solutions to support the development and well-being of employees and their families, said Isabelle Grenier, Kaleido’s President & CEO. We are pleased to work with Segic to encourage employees to invest in their children’s future and take advantage of the many benefits offered by our education savings and family support programs, such as resources in family finance, tutoring and academic support, health, family coaching or career guidance, for example.

About Segic

Segic’s mission is to develop a technology platform in global benefits to generate new revenue, increase operational efficiency and give its clients a competitive edge over the competition. The platform’s cloud-based design and delivery in software as a service (SaaS) mode make it an ideal solution that offers you immediate benefits, like lower costs and less work setting up computing infrastructure and developing software. In addition, the Segic platform is updated, optimized and improved monthly to stay in tune with its clients’ business needs. For more information, visit

About Kaleido

A pioneer in education savings since 1964, Kaleido helps families in Quebec and New Brunswick give their children a leg up on future success. Every day, more than 200 employees and representatives create brighter opportunities for youth through education savings and family coaching services. Kaleido has paid out over $1 billion in educational assistance payments and savings refunds over the years. Kaleido has some $1.8 billion in assets under management on behalf of more than 236,000 young people. For more information, visit

Source: Segic

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