CLIEDIS introduces New Business Capability Model, Service Catalog

New York, NY (Apr. 20, 2023) – CLIEDIS is pleased to introduce an array of new services that included the CLIEDIS Business Capability Model and accompanying Service Catalog. With over 200 capabilities and 130 services defined, the CLIEDIS model focuses on business capabilities that require external communication or information between a distributor and carrier, or other third party. This model provides a common basis for discussion, planning and prioritization, and can be used to support business cases for implementation.

Mike Daicoff, VP IT & CIO at ivari, and CLIEDIS Board President, had the following to say about this exciting new offering:

“The CLIEDIS Business Capability Model reflects a commitment to first assist member organizations in understanding the current state of their business, and where improvements can be made. This business-centric approach provides an opportunity to establish a common basis throughout the industry for where data exchange can help automate previously manual processes or fill gaps in the feeds.”

The service catalog identifies data exchange needs that move beyond CLIEDIS’ current CITS feeds. These services, to be implemented as APIs (or other methods), will expand the communication capabilities of a distributor.

Daicoff went on to say: “The Business Capability Model can also be extended beyond APIs by allowing member companies to get a sort of blueprint to illustrate how the business operates through its constituent departments. Leadership can leverage this framework for focus areas within the business strategy and see how data can drive execution of the work. Should a professional services engagement be called upon to perform this analysis, it would cost tens-of-thousands of dollars, but CLIEDIS member companies can freely leverage this work for a range of uses in business planning and strategy.”


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Source: Canadian Life Insurance EDI Standards (CLIEDIS)

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