In Force Data Solutions from MIB Provide Unique Insights to the Life Insurance Industry

Braintree, MA (Mar. 30, 2022) – MIB, the life insurance industry’s most trusted and secure partner for data-driven insights and digital services announced the launch of a new suite of solutions that leverage a unique database consisting of in force and pending application data as well as terminated policy data to provide new critical insights to the industry.

The MIB In Force Data Solutions portfolio leverages a contributory database, maintained by MIB on behalf of the life insurance industry, to provide insights that address a critical industry challenge – the need to understand an applicant’s total coverage exposure. The only data solution of its kind, the database was developed in partnership with TAI (Tindall Associates, Inc.), the premier reinsurance administration software in use in the U.S., and in conjunction with carriers and reinsurers who are MIB’s members.

The first services available within the portfolio enable the industry to identify potential risks and behavioral trends tied to total coverage exposure while minimizing hidden financial risks:

  • The MIB Jumbo Service enables participating carriers and reinsurers to take a retrospective look at their highly insured individuals to proactively identify and resolve jumbo treaty breaches during the contestability period. Launched in April of 2022, the service to date has helped the industry identify over 600 insureds with combined in force and pending coverage levels near or above jumbo treaty limits, helping mitigate more than 16 jumbo treaty violations, and saving the industry an estimated $75 million of unanticipated claims.
  • Newly launched, the MIB Total Line Service provides total coverage exposure data at the time of underwriting. With this new data, underwriters can verify an applicant’s reported coverage level, and also proactively identify risk patterns and behaviors that may warrant further investigation. Based on initial MIB case studies, the service has significant potential to help identify behavioral risk of applicants and producers.

Since the In Force Solutions contributory data vault leverages existing system interfaces that many carriers already have in place with TAI and MIB, most MIB members can take advantage of the new services without the burden of an IT spend. In force data is contributed through TAI’s reinsurance software and pending application data is contributed through MIB’s Code Solutions platform which is e-connected to 99.0% of the insurance companies in North America.

Committed to developing innovative solutions that address the life insurance industry’s evolving needs, MIB sees significant future potential to leverage the database for services that extend beyond fraud prevention. “As our access to data continues to grow, there are many opportunities to introduce new services and deliver additional insights,” said Patti DeWitt, Vice President of Member Services at MIB. “We are excited about the possibilities for new innovative solutions, leveraging protective value studies, data analytics and behavioral sciences that can safeguard against fraud, improve claim processes, inform underwriting rules, and more.”

“Before now, the industry lacked the opportunity to see a full picture of in force, applied for, and terminated coverage. Now that we can examine the picture in full, there is great potential to uncover novel insights and valuable learnings for the industry,” said Chris Murumets, CEO, TAI. “This is a perfect example of how data and analytics can be leveraged to help move the industry forward.”

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