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Preventing Employee Burnout in Insurance: A Virtual Conversation with Jennifer Moss

By Mitja Alexander Linss, Senior Director – Marketing, ProNavigator

Is employee well-being on your organization’s radar? It better be.

According to a 2021 APA survey, nearly three in five employees or 59% of workers experienced negative impacts of work-related stress. Forbes estimates that ignoring workplace well-being and mental health costs America $193.3 billion in lost earnings per year.

Burnout is a serious problem in any work environment. Frontline insurance workers such as underwriters or sales and support staff at large insurers are no exception. Many insurance staff struggle with information overload and a constantly changing information landscape that makes their onboarding and retention difficult.

Imagine the challenge for a newly hired call center worker of finding the right information in thousands of documents in real-time. Or having to reference four to five different but related resources to solve a customer inquiry. No wonder it takes insurance companies too long to respond to routine insurance questions. And no surprise that employee morale and productivity are often suffering.

The COVID pandemic hasn’t helped either. If employees are already overwhelmed by information roadblocks or workload, lacking a colleague down the hall for ad-hoc requests can exacerbate things. The results are often frustration, discomfort, motivational struggles, and stress. If not addressed, that can create or reinforce mental health problems.

But how can insurance workers avoid burnout and increase their well-being? How can employees become more resilient and productive, helping to increase output of their organizations and delight their customers? And what can insurance organizations do to help? We are going to ask some experts.

In a live webinar hosted by ProNavigator on June 16, workplace wellness expert Jennifer Moss, acclaimed author of the The Burnout Epidemic, will give her insights in a keynote on how to boost employee happiness in insurance and prevent employee burnout. A panel of long-time insurance executives, including InsurTech founder Nick Lamparelli, and Colin Laird, SVP of Operations at Berkley Canada (and previously at Chubb), will give their perspectives on the topic following Jennifer’s keynote.

Here’s some of what will be covered in the webinar:

  • Navigating common causes for burnout in insurance
  • Applying lessons learnt during the pandemic for post-pandemic life
  • Reframing stressful experiences through easy-to-apply habits
  • Increasing and promoting employee well-being
  • Leveraging technology to manage work-related stress

It all boils down to this: how can individuals and organizations come together to build a positive culture and work environment that fosters employee well-being in insurance? And what can technology do to make it happen?

We hope to see you there. Recordings for registered participants will only be available for a limited time.

Join us on June 16th, at 1:00pm (ET), for this hour-long webinar. Register now to reserve your space.

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