Ai Insurance Organization Announces New Insurance Franchise Model and Partnership

Mississauga, ON (Mar. 3, 2022) – Ai Insurance Organization Inc., an award-winning Mississauga, Ontario-based commercial insurance and surety bonding brokerage, launches a new insurance franchise model and announces it is partnering with North York, Ontario-based Dream Insurance a brokerage with specializations in personal and commercial insurance.

Ai Insurance Organization launches brokerage expansion and franchise model with Dream Insurance

Ai Insurance Organization assumes the day-to-day operations of Dream Insurance to guide the traditional brokerage navigate the ever-changing digital insurance world. Dream Insurance is the first strategic partnership in CEO Randy Carroll’s aggressive expansion and franchise model plan. Carroll orchestrated and launched the strategic plan in late 2021 after assuming the role of CEO.

“The expansion plan positions Ai Insurance Organization to play a greater role in driving digital transformation, and thus enabling traditional, brick and mortar insurance brokerages of all shapes and sizes to operate and grow online,” says Randy Carroll.

“This is not an acquisition,” adds Mr. Carroll. “Our new partnership with Dream further establishes our footprint in the Ontario insurance space and emphasizes our commitment to expand our market share and client base.”

Ai Insurance Organization targets insurance brokers with the desire to operate their own insurance franchise

“Ai Insurance Organization provides local brokerages like Dream Insurance with access to Ai’s national presence,” says Andy Friyia, Dream Insurance’s Principal Broker. “Traditional brokerages like Dream are now better suited to adapt to the ever-changing technological landscape. Already the construction insurance brokerage of choice for the Afro Canadian Contractors Association (ACCA), Dream can now offer ACCA’s general contractors, subcontractors, home builders, and renovators with even more commercial and construction insurance choice to protect their businesses”

Partners and Franchise Owners alike can utilize Ai’s leading in-house marketing technology and expertise, customer service support, and proprietary Broker Management Systems (BMS) which serves as the insurance brokerage’s central repository of customer, policy, and proposal information.

An Award-winning InsurTech

“Over the past few years, the industry has seen a push towards complementing BMS functionality with the addition of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software which improves how businesses interact with their customers,” says Mr. Carroll. “Our tailored BMS/CRM solution simplifies workflows for lead and account management, as well as automated notifications throughout the policy lifecycle for a seamless management process from lead to prospect to sale and renewal with full ROI reporting. The transparency and reduction in manual, and consequently time-consuming processes is what makes partnering with Ai Insurance Organization attractive.

To learn more about Ai Insurance Organization’s franchise opportunities, please visit their Franchise page.

About Ai Insurance Organization Inc.

Ai Insurance Organization Inc. is an award-winning Canadian Insurance Brokerage located in Mississauga, Ontario. We proudly serve clients all over Canada (except for Quebec and the Territories). We are Canada’s leading surety bond broker and contractor insurance provider. Our surety bonding programs service companies of all sizes; from start-ups to tenured companies, including Fortune 500. Our clients include contractors and construction companies from all industry sectors, transportation firms, estates, financial institutions and those with miscellaneous and hard-to-place bonding requirements. We also have international surety bonding capabilities. Our surety partners are the best the industry has to offer, and are chosen specifically to meet your individual needs. Together, we are committed to provide sound counsel and deliver continuity of experience and consistency of service. Our brokerage is committed to delivering the utmost in customer service and is well informed on changing risk appetites and industry trends. Together, we are in the best position to negotiate the most competitive rates, terms and limits on your behalf.

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