Équité Association Identifies the Top 10 Stolen Vehicles in Canada in 2021

Electronic theft, high-end vehicle export and false VINs for domestic sales noted as key trends

Toronto, ON (Dec. 8, 2021) – Any vehicle, any time, in plain sight and even from your own driveway at night, thieves are stealing vehicles. Équité Association (Équité), and its Investigative Services team, releases the latest list of top 10 stolen vehicles across Canada.

For this year’s list, Équité highlights the following key trends in vehicle thefts: electronic auto theft is on the rise across the country as more vehicles are equipped with technology like push button start; many high-end SUVs continue to be stolen for export; and stolen vehicles are being given false vehicle identification numbers and sold to unsuspecting consumers.

“Regard less of the type of vehicle, auto theft is a serious threat to public safety and continues to affect our local communities coast to coast and crosses international borders,” says Bryan Gast, Vice President, InvestigativeServices, Équité Association. “The vehicles being stolen are commodity-based money laundering; where they’re being exchanged to fund organized crime and terrorism. At Équité, we’re invested in protecting Canadians every day.”

Top 10 Stolen Vehicles in Canada in 2021

A chart comparing regional thefts by vehicle is available here.

Regional breakdowns are available here.

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Source: Équité Association

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