HTM Insurance Company adopts Farm Property on the Cognition+ Platform

HTM continues their Digital Transformation Strategy

Cobourg, ON (May 10, 2021) – HTM Insurance Company (HTM) as part of their continued digital transformation strategy has successfully adopted the Farm Property insurance line of business on the Cognition+ platform. Moving their Farm team to the new platform improves their overall user experience, provides great functionality improvements and creates a new process tailored to mutual business.

The project has been delivered with no interruptions to operations, and no impact to clients, while still maintaining access to all the historical data. The HTM team is now focused on transitioning their Commercial team to the Cognition+ platform with expected implementation in June and is also doing validation testing on a Consumer Solution that will provide policy, claim, and billing inquiries to their policyholders. The primary goal of the digital transformation strategy is to provide improved efficiencies and capabilities for all stakeholders including policyholders, brokers, agents, and the HTM team.

“I am so pleased with the results the HTM and Cognition+ teams have been able to provide for Farm business through this project,” said stated Alec Harmer, President & CEO of HTM Insurance Company. “We’ve set the stage nicely to move forward with the Commercial Lines ‘go live’ in June and introduced some great efficiencies to our entire business operation. The new Cognition+ platform is intuitive and easy to use, provides a great workflow for our staff, and has been a pretty seamless transition. Having a manageable level of risk and retaining historical data while being a cost-effective solution for mutual insurers is an extremely important factor when we make decisions to apply both financial resources and our people on these projects. HTM and Cognition+ work well together so it becomes an easy decision for us to keep pushing forward with technology. We’re committed to our digital strategy and believe this will provide great benefits to our policyholders, community, sales distribution channels, and our team. We’re extremely pleased how our first week on the new system has been very uneventful with all team members able to quickly and easily perform their duties.”

“Cognition+ continues to listen and work with us and we’re happy to participate as they build a market-leading solution geared towards the mutual insurer,” added Alec.

“We’ve enjoyed a great partnership with HTM and it’s fantastic to see another successful result,” said Matthew Scott, President & CEO of Cognition+. “Working collaboratively with our community is helping us to deliver a market-leading solution across all lines and one that fully leverages the expertise that exists within the Canadian Mutual Insurance market. We’re thrilled to be completing policy implementations and are looking forward to delivering our Claims and Accounting modules later this year. We’re fulfilling our promise to the mutual community of enabling their digital strategy with our next-generation insurance platform, Cognition+. HTM is a great example of how the ‘forward thinking’ approach has kept mutuality growing for more than 100 years.”

About Hamilton Township Mutual

HTM Insurance Company, located in Cobourg Ontario, has been committed to providing great service to its policyholders and agent/broker partners since 1898 by committing to a professional and community based approach.  HTM’s mission is to “To protect your future as if it’s our own”.  Using long range planning coupled with the use of innovative technology; HTM continues to build strong relationships within their own community and the mutual family. For more information, visit

About Cognition+ Inc.

Cognition+ is an innovative software provider that has a fully integrated insurance back-office solution, which is used by thirty Mutual Insurance Companies across Canada. Cognition+ has a proven track record with a focus on client requirements and product quality. Cognition+, established in 1993, is wholly owned by Canadian Mutual Insurance Companies with the mission of providing comprehensive and flexible solutions for its clients. For more information, visit

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