Opta Expands Innovations with Launch of a New Digital Target Marketing Solution

First of its kind for the insurance industry in Canada

Markham, ON (Feb. 4, 2021) – Opta Information Intelligence, Canada’s largest property location intelligence provider, announces the launch of its innovative digital target marketing solution – Opta Digital Edge – the first of its kind for the Insurance Industry in Canada.

Emerging as a result of Opta’s partnership with EQ Works in 2020, Opta Digital Edge is poised to change the way insurance is marketed and sold in Canada. Powered by the nation’s largest vault of address intelligence, consumer behaviour, and digital exhaust data, Opta Digital Edge is the only solution that connects the features of a property to its occupants and maps against their behaviour in the digital world.

Leveraging Opta’s data sets, artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, Opta Digital Edge provides layered insights to identify the characteristics of an ideal customer and precisely locates all their digital twins in any geographic region across Canada. The integration of Opta’s Peril Score into the audience build also ensures the delivery of quality business leads to help carriers reduce media waste and maximize conversions by engaging their desired audience with the right message at the right time—directly to their mobile devices.

A recent proof of concept with a digital insurance company in Canada demonstrated impressive results by cutting acquisition costs by 60% and as a result of better audience targeting, conversion rates were improved by 3-5 times. It was observed that by adopting programmatic marketing techniques, clients could see which campaigns resonated more deeply with their audience, allowing them to differentiate the more effective approaches from underperforming ones. Tests also determined that Opta Digital Edge campaigns generate a significant volume of leads that could be retargeted in future campaigns.

“We could see dramatic improvements in attracting new business at very competitive acquisition costs. By working with our partners, we were able to add proprietary attributes which dramatically changed the growth curve. We’re confident we’ve cracked the code of linking sales growth with profitability and are looking forward to sharing this with more clients over the next year.” States Greg Purdy, Director of Firmography at Opta.

Click here for a sneak preview of Opta’s Digital Edge solution

About Opta Information Intelligence

Opta Information Intelligence is Canada’s largest aggregator of property risk information and leading provider of property intelligence and innovative technology solutions for insurance and corporate industries. Opta helps you access, understand, and synthesize previously inaccessible information, turning it into intelligence that helps to discover and understand business risks. For more information, visit www.optaintel.ca.

Source: Opta Information Intelligence

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