Onlia waives insurance payments for one month amid pandemic

Premium holiday: Company strengthens its commitment to safety through measures to support customers, employees and the community

Toronto, ON (Apr. 15, 2020) – Onlia, safety advocate and fast-growing provider of digital home and auto insurance in Ontario, has announced additional measures to support and protect its community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Onlia’s mission is to promote the safety of Canadians – at home, on the road, and in communities.

Onlia is introducing a premium holiday during the month of May for their home and auto insurance customers. All active policy holders as of March 31st who have made at least one full monthly premium payment will automatically receive a one-month premium waiver. The measure is intended to help relieve the financial impact of the pandemic by providing immediate savings at a time when Canadians need it most.

“Onlia has always put the safety of Canadians first, and now more than ever we are pulling together to protect one another,” says Pieter Louter, CEO of Onlia.  “With customers presently experiencing un-precedented lifestyle changes, we are taking additional steps to provide support and assistance to our community.”

True to Onlia’s philosophy to motivate and reward safe behavior-change, the company is also activating their safe-driving app, Onlia Sense™ to reward Canadians for staying home. Typically, the app rewards safe driving, however, in May insurance customers can earn $20 cash for not driving at all.

“Our community has made significant strides in decreasing road usage over the past month”, says Olivia van Eyk, head of marketing Onlia. “Trips taken by Onlia Sense™ users have decreased by 70 per cent from March 1st to April 1st, displaying a commitment to social distancing.”

As a fully digital company, Onlia has always enabled customers to connect with its products, services, and people online. The company’s service model affords seamless, reliable and consistent service to its customers during this uncertain time. Customers looking for additional information are encouraged to visit

About Onlia

Onlia Holding Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiaries Onlia Agency Inc. & Onlia Services Inc., offers innovative digital home and auto insurance and a safe-driving mobile app to the Canadian market. Onlia’s mission is to create a community around making Canada a safer place, and to provide tools and motivation to facilitate safer behaviours. Launched in 2018, Onlia is a joint venture between Achmea Canada Holding Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Achmea B.V. the largest insurance group of the Netherlands, and Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, a Canadian holding company which, through its subsidiaries, is engaged in property and casualty insurance and reinsurance and investment management. Using proprietary and award-winning technology, Onlia is rethinking the way Canadians approach safety and insurance. Join the community at

SOURCE: Onlia Holding Inc.

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