Player’s Health Presents a Participant Liability White Paper

Minneapolis, MN (Apr. 7, 2020) – Player’s Health, in collaboration with Dolden Wallace Folick LLP, one of Canada’s pre-eminent sports and recreation liability law firms, has prepared a white paper that addresses participant legal liability and the associated risk management and insurance issues facing sports and recreation organizations in Canada. We believe sports and recreation organizations, now more than ever, need knowledge and information to assist them to better understand, assess, prevent, mitigate and transfer risk.

Access it here: Player’s Health Participant Liability White Paper.

In the months ahead Player’s Health will bring forward additional insurance and risk management subject matter content in an effort to support Canadian sport and recreation organizations and their board of directors as they seek to navigate and manage evolving enterprise risks and exposures.

About Player’s Health

Player’s Health is a leading Risk Management Services firm that provides specialized assessment, prevention, mitigation and risk transfer solutions to Canada’s sport, recreation, leisure and fitness sector. For more information on Player’s Health, visit

About Dolden Wallace Folick LLP

Dolden Wallace Folick LLP is a national law firm that specializes in defending Canadian municipalities, sports organizations and recreation facilities and providers. In 2017, Dolden Wallace Folick LLP authored an industry leading textbook entitled, Sports and Recreation Liability Law in Canada.

Source: Player’s Health

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