KBD Insurance Expands to Downtown Montreal

Montreal, QC (Mar. 5, 2020) – KBD Insurance, the Montreal-based P&C insurance broker, is thrilled to announce the opening of its second office location just outside of the downtown core in Griffintown, Quebec, to focus on further expanding their commercial lines department.

“We wanted to be close to the action” says Curtis Killen, President at KBD Insurance. “It’s no secret that Montreal has become one of the tech hubs of Canada, and we want to surround ourselves by companies and individuals who are looking to scale their business, just like us. We want to grow alongside them.”

The “Sud-Ouest” area of the Montreal island has experienced a recent economic boom due to a migration of tech and other online retailers to the area; the neighbourhood is young and provides a great economic opportunity to the city of Montreal.

KBD Insurance has traditionally placed more of a focus on the home and car division and the brokerage has experienced annual double-digit percentage growth in terms of volume for the past six years.

“We have had a lot of success in the PL division over the past few years, so we are trying to take some of those ingredients to help further expand our clientele on the CL side. We are young, assertive and also very comfortable with technology. The tech aspect has really helped us develop an incredibly lean workflow process.” says Taylor Gormley, a commercial insurance broker who originally started working at KBD in the personal lines division. “It allows us to service our clients quickly and to present our products in a simple manner.”

Having a young leadership core has also led to a large push for social media presence as well as online lead generation.

“We have been working now for a few years with a local marketing company who have really helped us develop the KBD brand,” says Curtis Killen. “Social media presence is highly underrated and under used by the broker channel. The reality is that people are on their phones hours a day browsing the social media platforms, you need to be there.”

KBD will continue to look for growth opportunities with regards to expanding their commercial volume as well as hiring new employees; the new downtown office, located along the Lachine canal will hopefully facilitate this goal.

Curtis Killen states “we always have our head on a swivel when it comes to recruiting new talent. Being the new kids on the block means we can’t compete head to head against the big brokers, so we need to find our niche. We believe we’re on our way to doing this.”

To learn more about KBD Insurance, please visit our website at www.kbdinsurance.com.

About KBD Insurance

For over 40 years, our knowledge, expertise and exceptional customer service has allowed us to offer our clients an unparalleled, personalized insurance experience for the home, car and business sectors. With two head offices based out of Montreal, we provide our services to clients across the province of Quebec.

Our goal is to make insurance easy to understand. We simplify the process for our customers and give them the peace of mind they deserve and expect when it comes to insuring their most prized possessions.

For more information, please visit www.kbdinsurance.com.

SOURCE: Assurance KBD

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