Nest Wealth Acquires Razor Logic Systems

Nest Wealth becomes first B2B digital wealth management platform to offer both professional investment solutions and sophisticated financial planning capabilities

  • RazorPlan acquisition builds on Nest Wealth’s position as the largest & most comprehensive B2B digital wealth platform in Canada
  • Nest Wealth adds thousands of advisors, including independent financial planners and investment firms, and now counts three of Canada’s six largest banks as customers
  • Nest Wealth is the only digital wealth management platform combining sophisticated financial planning and professional wealth management allowing advisors and firms to deepen client relationships, offer personalized advice and scale their businesses

Toronto, ON (May 15, 2019) – Nest Wealth, the leading B2B digital wealth management platform in Canada, has announced the acquisition of Alberta-based Razor Logic Systems, the makers of RazorPlan, one of Canada’s leading financial planning software solutions. Nest Wealth will now offer the most complete digital wealth platform available on the market – offering sophisticated, personalized and transparent wealth management solutions in combination with the ability to build full robust financial plans that help investors achieve their goals. The acquisition builds on Nest Wealth’s position as the largest & most comprehensive B2B digital wealth platform in Canada.

“We’re excited to welcome the RazorPlan team and their clients to the Nest Wealth family. Both companies have always shared a common goal to make life better for the individual investor so this seems like a very natural fit,” said Randy Cass, founder and CEO, Nest Wealth. “The acquisition represents an important milestone in the industry, as we will now offer users the first digital wealth platform to combine sophisticated financial planning and professional wealth management. Our aim is to ensure every single investor is confident that their every dollar, from the first one saved to the last one spent, is part of a comprehensive plan that makes sense for their unique goals and personal circumstances.”

Founded in 2011, Razor Logic Systems is the developer of RazorPlan, the widely-adopted financial planning software that allows thousands of financial advisors to quickly analyze a client’s needs, and generate full financial plans in as little as 15 minutes. Clients of RazorPlan include Big Six banks, independent financial dealers and investment firms of all sizes. Together, both Nest Wealth and Razor Logic Systems work with half of Canada’s six largest banks to help their advisors and clients make planning, saving and investing money more convenient, affordable and productive.

“RazorPlan was designed to provide tools that make complex financial planning easy to accomplish for financial advisors and understandable for their clients,” said Dave Faulkner co-founder and CEO, Razor Logic Systems. “We’re incredibly excited to be joining the Nest Wealth team and look forward to offering our solutions across the Canadian wealth management landscape and enhancing the value we help financial advisors create for their clients.”

To learn more about the acquisition, please visit the acquisition resource page.

About Nest Wealth

Founded in 2014, Nest Wealth has created Canada’s first SaaS-based digital wealth management platform to ensure all investors have access to sophisticated, personalized and transparent wealth management services. Wealth management firms and individual advisors can provide and manage virtually any investment to any investor through any distribution channel with Nest Wealth’s configurable white label practice management tool. For individual investors, Nest Wealth offers an automated, low-fee and transparent direct-to-investor wealth management solution that makes it easier to reach their financial goals. Nest Wealth has been chosen by some of Canada’s largest wealth management firms and financial institutions, including the National Bank of Canada, to modernize their wealth management platforms. For more information, please visit

About Razor Logic Systems

RazorPlan was created in 2011 by Dave Faulkner, CLU, CFP, and provided to financial advisors through Financial Plan Advantage Ltd. (FPAdvantage). Dave is a pioneer in the financial planning software industry and the original designer of one of the most well-known financial planning programs available in Canada. In 2012 FPAdvantage expanded its development capabilities to become Razor Logic Systems. The goal of this new organization was to develop enterprise systems for the Canadian Financial planning market that are both effective and easy to use.

SOURCE: Nest Wealth

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