Canada’s spring floods, by the numbers

Toronto, ON (Apr. 30, 2019) – Flooding has forced thousands of Canadian residents from their homes as spring brings severe flooding in communities across the country.

Here are some numbers from Ontario, Québec and New Brunswick, where water has risen to historic levels:

Homes flooded in Québec – with a further 3,508 surrounded by water. (The Montreal Gazette reports that 6,681 homes have been flooded.)

People evacuated in Québec. (The Montreal Gazette reports that as of Monday night, 10,149 people had left their homes across the province.)

Homes in Ottawa that have voluntarily been evacuated.

Roads closed in New Brunswick.

Canadian Armed Forces troops now deployed to flood zones across Canada, half of whom are in Québec.

Troops authorized to be sent to Ontario to help with flooding.

Troops in Ottawa alone.

Centimetres the Ottawa River is forecast to reach above 2017 flood levels – which were then a record! – when the river crests mid-week. The Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board, which measures its water levels, expects the Ottawa River to begin to peak in some areas on April 30.

The odds that Ottawa would see these water levels this year.

Thanks to the efforts of more than 8,500 volunteers and 600 Canadian Armed Forces members, the number of sandbags prepared in the national capital exceeds one million – compared to 230,000 sandbags deployed in flood-affected areas in 2017.

$1.9 billion
Insured damages from severe weather in Canada in 2018 – the fourth-highest amount on record, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

Lifetime maximum compensation to repair flood damage in Québec under the new regime. Those who wish to move instead will receive up to $200,000 for their house, plus $50,000 for the land and compensation for furniture, according to Premier François Legault.

SOURCES: The Canadian Press, with data from CBC, Insurance Bureau of Canada, Montreal Gazette

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