WEMIC launches online quoting with MCCG Solution

West Elgin Mutual Insurance Company launches online quoting using Mutual Concept Computer Group Inc.’s Online Quoting Solution

Dutton, ON (Jan. 15, 2019) – West Elgin Mutual Insurance Company unveils automobile and property insurance online quoting to better support its community and their agent distribution network through partnership with Mutual Concept Computer Group Inc. (MCCG). West Elgin’s solution, Your Insurance Quote, successfully marries the concept of an easy-to-use consumer ‘quick quote’ with an agent ‘complete quote’ methodology to ensure accurate pricing and simplicity for consumer and agent.

West Elgin continues to build their online presence, with this being a key milestone as they continue their digital transformation towards a consumer centric digital experience. By leveraging West Elgin’s existing rating engine within the Insurance Business Solution (IBS®), the consumer and agent can establish their relationship based on accurate and detailed pricing and identification of risk. The solution also maintains the anonymity of the ‘digital shopper’ until they are ready to make a purchasing decision, which is a fundamental principal within their community.

“At West Elgin we had two main goals that we wanted to accomplish in this initial stage of our online digital transformation,” said Brian Downie, CEO of West Elgin Mutual. “The first was that we wanted to make the shopping for insurance experience easier for members of our community, which included the distinction between ‘shopping’ and ‘buying’. The second was that we wanted to ensure the solution could be used by both our consumers and our agents to obtain accurate pricing of our products. Our agents are vital to guaranteeing that our community receives the right products for their properties and cars, and at the right price. We have appreciated the flexibility that the OQS product has provided to make this a reality for both consumer and agent quoting. We’re also pleased that this product integrated seamlessly with our existing solution IBS®, our reinsurer’s web service, and is part of our overall next generation transformation project. West Elgin Mutual is a long standing owner & partner with MCCG and our teams mutually delivered on the required project timelines and within budget.”

“It was great working with the West Elgin Team to expand the use of the Online Quoting Solution beyond that of a ‘quick consumer centric’ quote to that of a ‘detailed agent’ quoting tool while still maintaining ease of use for both,” said Jon Perry, Vice President – Client Relations of MCCG. “We’re very lucky to work with clients like West Elgin who have a deep understanding of what is important to their community, their consumers, their agents and team. This allows us to tailor our solutions directly to their needs, and allows us to extend this information out to our broader Mutual Community. The OQS solution continues to provide value and a great path towards digital transformation and adoption of our next generation web solutions. This project was a fast follower to West Elgin’s recent building modernization that will lead them into the future, and our plans for system rejuvenation will provide these same benefits in the digital world of insurance.”

About West Elgin Mutual Insurance Company

Located in Dutton, Ontario – West Elgin Mutual Insurance Company has been serving their local communities since 1879. West Elgin Mutual is 100% Canadian owned being 100% owned by their policyholders. They are focused on service and long term value for the policyholder – not returns for the shareholder. Mutuals are founded on the principle of neighbour helping neighbour. Fairness, equity and speedy response are just three of the principles that are fundamental to West Elgin. Ensuring continuation of service through modernization of product, process, facilities and services is fundamental to their community.

About MCCG

MCCG is an innovative software provider who has a fully integrated insurance back office solution (IBS) successfully implemented in twenty-nine Mutual Insurance Companies across Canada. MCCG has a proven track record that can be attributed to a focus on client requirements and product quality. MCCG, established in 1993, is wholly owned by Canadian Mutual Insurance Companies with the mission of providing comprehensive and flexible solutions for its clients. For more information, visit www.mccg.net.

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Source: Mutual Concept Computer Group Inc.

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