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Laval, QC (Jan. 14, 2019) — After launching the only Unpaid Rents and Damage by Tenants insurance for Ontario and Quebec landlords, APRIL Canada goes a step further with the launch of its website, by Charlotte MALAURIE, Residential National Director, APRIL Canada

In the last few months, you may have read articles or heard about the APRIL Landlord Insurance, the new exclusive APRIL product, available in Quebec and Ontario, dedicated to providing protection against unpaid rents as well as damage caused by tenants.

Following this trend we are proud to launch today the website , 100% dedicated to the landlord’s world.

You will find all kinds of information on Landlord Insurance, but also on the rental property market, advice for landlords, videos, articles and all the latest news related to this Protection.

Through this website, we would like to offer an additional tool for brokers as well as for clients to make insurance easier and more understandable for everyone. It is a mine of information and explanations, updated very regularly.

This way brokers, owners and landlords will be able to clearly understand which insurance for which property, which type of rental, or follow the advice and trends of the market.

APRIL’s product insures landlords are well protected against:

  • Unpaid rents arising from rent arrears, tenant’s death or untenantable property and other unfortunate situations.
  • Theft or damage caused by tenants – whether they are accidental, malicious or not.
  • Property damage – whether it’s a rented home, condo or multiplex.
  • Civil liability – if someone gets injured on the rental property and the landlord is found legally liable.

The new Landlord Protection is another example of how we stay true to our values of – Pushing Boundaries and Innovating. We were the first market to insure properties listed on short-term rental platforms such as AirBnB across Canada back in 2014 and now we are excited to bring you yet another exclusivity to the marketplace.

To discover our new Rental website, please visit

For more information on this product please see April Landlord Protection For Unpaid Rents & Damage By Tenants (PDF).

Visit Landlord Protection to make a submission or find out more about this product.

About APRIL Canada

APRIL Canada is the largest independent MGA in Canada backed by worldwide expertise in providing innovative insurance solutions. Our ambition is to change the image of insurance by keeping things simple. With a team of highly skilled specialist underwriters, APRIL develops and offers a wide range of products across personal and commercial lines for your clients’ special risks and for niches products. True to its values and commitments, customer relationships are at the heart of what we do. Teamwork and partnership between underwriters and insurance brokers are central to providing the best solution for insured clients.

By choosing APRIL you can be assured of high quality advice and excellent service.

For more information about APRIL Canada please access our website:

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