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Humania Assurance launches

Saint-Hyacinthe, QC (Nov. 22, 2018) – Humania Assurance has chosen a surprising way to innovate. The St-Hyacinthe insurer has just set up a new internal start-up. began operations in Canada in November 2018.

“Many of our business collaborators were looking for a new model of partnership and distribution. We have therefore decided to set up this project by allocating a budget and dedicated resources that we have detached from the operational structure,” explains Stéphane Rochon, President and CEO of Humania Assurance Inc. Named, it is 100% owned by Humania Assurance and registered at the Autorité des marchés financiers.

“Lead2action is an agency specialized in insurance technologies. Its objective is to improve customer loyalty. Using programmatic technology, it offers to its partners a new automated approach to promote insurance products to their customer networks,” says Stéphane Rochon. The lead2action solution is unique in Canada. Its integrated approach allows any organization or structure partner to promote one or more insurance products to a specific audience, online and automatically, without having to invest in a large and costly distribution infrastructure.

The technology developed by lead2action is based on two key marketing functions: targeting process and personalized communication. Through programmatic technology, it will first identify the best target market for a specific product, and then, using algorithms, create an automated digital marketing campaign that can be used as a white label. Lead2action offers real-time communication with a call center. Clients will be able to obtain information, shop, compare and purchase insurance, all with a permanent access to a financial security advisor.

By creating lead2action, Humania Assurance wants to offer to any organization that wishes to become a partner, a new technological solution that will be a real factory to propel insurance products: life insurance, disability, cancer, hospitalization or personal debts.

“Lead2action will not be dedicated to just one company. We can offer access to a wide range of products and to most insurance companies in Canada. Our goal is to create Win-Win partnerships for all stakeholders,” says Stéphane Rochon. “Lead2action promotes a product in an intelligent way besides providing an access to dedicated financial security advisors and financial planners. We offer a global customer experience,” concludes Stéphane Rochon.

About Humania Assurance

Humania is a mutual insurance company that has been developing insurance solutions focused on the needs of Canadians for more than 75 years. It develops innovative web-based insurance coverage to simplify and speed up the process at a competitive price. For more information, visit and

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