Aviva Canada launches insurance tailor-made for small businesses

Aviva Onpoint™ offers relevant and specific insurance to meet the needs of smallbusiness owners

Toronto, ON (Nov. 19, 2018) – Aviva Canada is pleased to announce the launch of Aviva Onpoint™ insurance that specifically targets segments in business and professional services, contracting, and retail with revenue up to $5 million. This insurance solution is tailor-made for small businesses, offering relevant and specific insurance coverage for broker clients at an affordable price point. It includes:

  • coverage suited to their business;
  • tailored protection that is industry specific; and
  • flexible options to adjust coverage amounts and deductibles.

Aviva Onpoint™ insurance provides the right property and liability coverage based on the client’s primary operation, with the option to add additional coverage if required, such as business income, equipment breakdown, crime, and more. Up to two secondary operations can also be added, all under a single, easy-to-understand property and casualty policy, offering clarity and simplicity for brokers and customers.

“One of the pain points we heard from brokers is the limitation in options when selling small business insurance. Many packaged products in the market were too complex and not designed for the specific needs of small businesses – so we fixed that,” says Fred Shurbaji, Head of Small to Medium Enterprise, Commercial Insurance. “Aviva Onpoint™ offers a wide range of coverage to protect small businesses from unexpected events, under a single property and casualty policy.”

Earlier this year, Aviva introduced Aviva Enterprise™ insurance, a new commercial solution for medium-sized business into the market. Aviva Onpoint™ and Aviva Enterprise™ insurance together complement Aviva’s full suite of insurance coverage for businesses of any size or segment.

The overwhelming majority of businesses in Canada are small and medium enterprises, and they need insurance coverage to meet their unique needs. As businesses grow and evolve over time, so should their insurance. The core of Aviva’s approach for business customers is to improve insurance products to make them relevant and tailored to the customer.

For more information about Aviva Onpoint™, please visit aviva.ca/smallbusiness.

About Aviva Canada

Aviva Canada is one of the leading property and casualty insurance groups in the country, providing home, automobile, leisure/lifestyle and business insurance to 2.9 million customers. A subsidiary of UK-based Aviva plc, Aviva Canada has more than 4,000 employees focused on creating a bright and sustainable future for our customers and our communities.

Aviva Canada invests in positive change through the Aviva Community Fund, Canada’s longest-running online community funding competition. Since its inception in 2009, the Aviva Community Fund has awarded $8.5 million to more than 280 charities and community groups nationwide. Aviva Canada, bringing over 300 years of good thinking and insurance solutions to Canadians from coast to coast.

For more information, visit aviva.ca.

Source: Aviva Canada

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