Koïos Intelligence Announces App to Centralize & Digitize the Insurance Lifecycle

Montreal-based artificial intelligence services player unveils new Olivo project at 2018 Fintech Forum

Montreal, QC (Oct. 31, 2018) – Koïos Intelligence, an important local developer of artificial intelligence tools designed specifically for the finance and insurance industries, is proud to announce the development of a new industry-leading insurance application: Olivo.

The project was revealed at the 2018 Fintech Forum, October 29-31 at Montreal’s Palais des congrès.

With the potential to become the “Airbnb of Insurance,” Olivo will be the first application to centralize and digitize the entire insurance lifecycle. Consumers, brokers and insurance companies will be able to depend on this one-stop electronic tool to guide them through every step of the insurance process, taking them from quotes to claims quickly and easily. The company will enter a new phase to bring the final Olivo application to market in 2019.

Olivo is one of many projects currently underway for the company, as Koïos is currently developing projects and use cases in collaboration with large financial institutions in Quebec.

Expertise and wisdom: more than 50 years of combined experience

Based in Montreal, Koïos has been singularly focused on empowering clients with the next generation of customized systems built upon artificial intelligence. Whether it is to optimise efficiency of automated client servicing with emotional recognition, identify and correct anomalies in internal management data, or improve quantitative models and calculation methods for pricing and risk measurement in insurance, the Koïos team stands out with an impressive cumulative experience of its founders.

One part of that dynamic leadership team is Mohamed Hanini, Founder and CEO of Koïos Intelligence, expert in mathematics and operational research, who brings to the table more than twelve years of experience in innovation.

“When I began, I was inspired and fascinated with machine learning and research into deep neural networks, even when there were no tangible results,” Mohamed explains. “The new challenge is now to accelerate the training of intelligent systems in the financial ecosystem, especially when those systems are exposed to massive amounts of data. My research projects and experiments have prepared me well to meet this challenge.”

Working in partnership with Mohamed is David Stréliski, MSc. CFA, Co-Founder, Chief of Consulting and President of the Board, a world renowned expert in risk management who most recently served as Chief Risk Officer and Global Head of Technology at Fiera Capital, a global asset manager. David now leads Koïos Consulting Services.

“Over the last 22 years, I’ve instinctually known that the road to success in this business was not limited to measuring risks, but I was often missing the necessary calculating power and the technological tools to back it up,” David says. “Today, thanks to the immense scientific expertise we’ve gathered and the tools that we’re developing, we can finally make our vision come true.”

The talented duo of executives can also count on support from Manuel Morales, renowned Associate Professor at the Université de Montréal, and Chief Scientist, Artificial Intelligence, at the National Bank. A fellow co-founder of the Koïos initiative, Manuel will offer his guidance as a member of the Board of Directors, joining other members that include Philippe Bélanger, partner at the McCarthy Tétrault law firm, and Kais Elloumi, Director of Elloumi Group, a global company operating in 25 countries.

“The energy and enthusiasm of this team is simply incredible,” Manuel explains. “It is a pleasure for me to be a witness of the projects in development at Koïos.”

“I believe in Koïos because of the passion, vision and drive of its founders. The Olivo platform will undoubtedly have a major positive impact on the global insurance market,” Philippe adds.

Beyond the senior management team, Koïos employs specialized professionals in cyber security, risk management and operational chains, in addition to partnering with experts from the international scientific community coming from, among others, the Data Valorisation Institute (IVADO) and the Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithms (MILA), one of the most significant artificial intelligence centres in the world. Koïos is a company truly founded on teamwork and collaboration.

About Koïos

Founded in 2017, Koïos Intelligence’s mission is to empower the financial industry with the next generation of intelligent and customised systems built upon artificial intelligence, statistics, and operational research. Combining the knowledge of their lead experts, Koïos is developing new technologies that will redefine the insurance and financial sector and improve customer experience. The fast-growing Montreal firm has developed many projects in collaboration with large financial institutions in Europe and North Africa, and is currently leading the AI aspect of Bizerte’ smart city challenge. For more information, please visit koiosintelligence.ca.

About Olivo

Olivo is an intelligent app enabling the centralization and digitization of the insurance industry in a single tool, offering the consumer a greater variety of products and a unique experience by streamlining the underwriting and claims processes for all types of insurance. Olivo is the future of insurance apps, as it will truly benefit clients, brokers and insurers alike.

Source: Koïos Intelligence

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