Promutuel Insurance Obtains CSIO Certification for Personal Lines eDocs

Toronto, ON (Oct. 18, 2018) – The Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO) is pleased to announce that Promutuel Insurance has obtained CSIO Certification for Personal Lines eDocs. Promutuel Insurance began sending eDocs on October 15, extending the benefits and cost savings of paperless workflow to brokers across Quebec and New Brunswick.

“We are extremely proud not only to go live with our eDocs solution, but to obtain CSIO Certification as well,” says Guy Lecours, Chief Operating Officer at Promutuel Insurance. “Launching eDocs is a milestone for digital business processes at Promutuel Insurance, removing paper from our workflow and that of our broker partners. Further, CSIO Certification signals to brokers that our eDocs follow industry best practices and will download seamlessly to their BMS.”

CSIO released the eDocs standard in 2012. Last year, almost 80% of brokers across Canada used eDocs to streamline their workflow, reduce costs and provide superior customer service to their clients.

“I congratulate Promutuel Insurance on adding another CSIO Certified eDocs solution to the market,” says Normand Lafrenière, President, Canadian Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (CAMIC). “It is a pleasure to see mutual insurers like Promutuel Insurance take such meaningful strides towards digital operations, and I look forward to more paperless solutions for our industry in the future.”

CSIO Certification is a national program that promotes the implementation and use of trusted, standards-based solutions across Canada. Certification benefits member insurance companies and vendors by demonstrating compliance with industry standards and continuous improvement and by reducing cost and risk in implementing trusted solutions.

To learn more about the CSIO Certification program, visit: csio-certification

For a full list of policy documents that each insurer sends as eDocs, including broker and insured copy for personal, commercial, and farm, refer to the CSIO eDocs Availability Chart.

About Promutuel Insurance

Promutuel Insurance is one of the biggest damage insurers in Québec. Renowned for its financial stability, superior quality products, and outstanding customer service, Promutuel Insurance boasts 1,925 employees serving more than 630,000 insureds. Promutuel Insurance’s mission is to promote and provide insurance products that meet the needs of its insured members. In doing so it provides exceptional, personalized service while fostering the mutualist values that have guided it for 166 years.

About Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO)

CSIO is Canada’s industry technology association of property and casualty insurers, software providers and over 36,000 brokers. CSIO is committed to improving the consumer’s ease of doing business within the broker channel by overseeing the development, implementation and maintenance of technology standards and solutions such as eDocs, My Proof of Insurance eDelivery, and eSignatures. In addition, CSIO operates CSIOnet, a secure, industry-owned platform for the efficient exchange of policy information for the broker channel. CSIO maintains offices in Toronto and Montreal. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO)

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