DevOps Initiatives Underway or Planned at 91% of Insurers

Carriers find DevOps benefits digital transformation, organizational culture: Novarica

Boston, MA (Oct. 11, 2018) – The insurance industry has set its sights on DevOps: the practice of unifying software development and operations to optimize application delivery via process automation, lightweight governance, and critical changes in organizational structure. While DevOps can support digital transformation and microservices adoption, among other benefits, carriers also face notable challenges – legacy systems, inflexible infrastructure, stakeholder confidence – when attempting to implement it.

In a new brief, DevOps in Insurance: Lessons from Early Adopters, research and advisory firm Novarica provides an overview of DevOps practice and explores carrier motivations, strategies, barriers, and insights from the insurance industry’s early adopters.

“The real power of both DevOps and Agile lies in their ability to transform an organization into one focused on collaborative value creation and innovation,” says Martin Higgins, VP and lead author of Novarica’s newest brief. “The autonomy and accountability can change the culture of organizations in positive and powerful ways.”

A preview of the brief is available online.

This brief is based on research conducted with the industry’s early adopters in mid-2018. Most have observed efficiency gains due to their DevOps rollout—one was confident that his group would see 25% improvement in development speed. In most cases, however, rollout was slower and more complex than expected, with many carriers encountering barriers related to technology, skill sets, governance, and culture.

This Executive Brief provides an introduction to DevOps, and explores carrier’s motivation, strategies for adoption, barriers encountered, and lessons learned.

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