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Hubio integration with Guidewire PolicyCenter™ enables Red River Mutual broker download

Foster City, Calif. (Oct. 9, 2018) – Hubio Technology, provider of technology solutions that connect insurers with the outside world, including agents, brokers, third party data suppliers and regulators, is pleased to announce that Red River Mutual has completed EDI download from the Guidewire platform to their brokers, integrating with multiple BMS solutions.

Red River Mutual is undertaking a major strategic upgrade of their core insurance systems, implementing a cloud-based Guidewire solution. The current phase of the transformation includes EDI download and eDocs.

“This represents a major step in innovation, as Red River Mutual has made the integration with brokers a day-1 priority, ensuring this solution is in place before the other core system changes are introduced,” said Phil Henville, CEO for Hubio. Other major integration activities are to follow in the coming months.

Hubio is working with Red River Mutual to ensure all new business activities flow seamlessly to their broker partners.

Henville also shared that, “Red River Mutual is one of the first broker-based insurers to complete download from a new Guidewire platform and they’ve done it using a download from the cloud. Our communic8 solution was used to integrate with PolicyCenter™, and we are very pleased that this effort went so smoothly. Congratulations Red River Mutual.”

Carla Douglas, VP Technology for Red River Mutual, commented, “Our broker partners are an integral part of the way we conduct business. The download and eDocs solution represents the first of several technology steps we are planning to improve our broker interaction.” she added, “we involved Hubio as they have worked with us for several years to help us reach our technology goals and we view them as an important partner in our technology transformation.”

About Hubio

Hubio digital solutions connect P&C insurers to the outside world, communicating with brokers, policy holders, third parties and regulators in a digital manner through technology that drives growth, reduces costs and pursues improved customer interaction. Hubio has provided solutions to Canadian insurers for over 15 years. For more information, please visit

About Red River Mutual

Red River Mutual believes everyone has a right to feel safe and protected and to know that someone is looking out for them – while we’re watching out for others. With nearly 65,000 policyholders with homes, farms, and businesses all the way from Thunder Bay to the Rockies, Red River Mutual is committed to providing competitive insurance products that meet the changing needs of Canadians. As a company, we know that it’s the people we protect that matter most. That’s why we’ve strived to be a positive force in the lives of our customers and their communities since 1875.

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