What Carriers Should Seek From Cyber Risk Modeling Partners

To successfully underwrite cyber insurance, insurance carriers need a partner to help them look forward, according to Aite Group’s latest report

Boston, MA (Oct. 9, 2018) – Insurance carriers can rely upon reams of historical data to underwrite traditional property and casualty policies, but this amount of historical data does not exist yet for cyber insurance. Moreover, underwriting cyber insurance requires understanding threats that have yet to emerge. Fortunately for carriers around the world, risk modeling has evolved to include cyber risk, and a limited number of risk modeling firms can offer assistance. Aite Group’s newest report, What Carriers Should Seek From Cyber Risk Modeling Partners, highlights key areas for carriers to evaluate if they were to consider cyber risk modelers as partners.

“As cyberattacks continue to proliferate, more firms are considering cyber insurance to round out their insurance protection,” explains Jay Sarzen, senior analyst at Aite Group. “While this presents a major opportunity for many insurance carriers, this also presents a significant challenge for them to overcome in terms of making good underwriting decisions. This becomes even more pertinent as more carriers are underwriting these policies as stand-alone policies instead of merely tacking a cyber endorsement onto a traditional insurance policy,” he states.

This new Aite Group report makes the case for partnering with a cyber risk modeling firm to help carriers make better cyber insurance underwriting decisions. It is based on 16 interviews conducted between April 2018 and August 2018 with U.S.-based executives at cyber risk modeling firms, insurance carriers that currently underwrite cyber insurance, and firms that are high-value targets for cyberattacks.

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