FirstOnSite Restoration Releases Hurricane Tips for Atlantic Canada’s Residents and Businesses

Mississauga, ON (Sept. 11, 2018) – Hurricanes season is underway, and while hurricanes are historically less likely to hit Canada as hard as the United States, they can still have a significant impact on Canadian communities.

With Hurricane Florence on its way towards the U.S. East Coast and areas of Ontario and eastern Canada experiencing the remnants of tropical depression Gordon, Canadians can expect to see more hurricane-induced weather.

Canada’s hurricane season spans June to November, with activity peak in September. In recent years, the southern and eastern coasts of North America have seen more hurricane activity. Seventeen named storms developed in the Northeast Atlantic in 2017, including 10 hurricanes and six major hurricanes.

When these intensive storm systems make landfall on Canadian soil they are sometimes no longer classified as hurricanes but remain extremely powerful storm systems.

As with any emergency, preparedness is the best way to lower the risk of property damage. If you live on an Atlantic coastal area, or immediately in-land, the time to start preparing is before peak hurricane season arrives.

FirstOnSite Restoration has spent the greater part of a decade mitigating floods and disasters for businesses and homeowners. Water damage and property loss are only some of the devastating outcomes that can occur when people are unprepared or unsure of how to deal with the after-effects of a hurricane.

Below are FirstOnSite Restoration’s 10 Tips to Minimize a Hurricane’s Impact on Your Home or Business to help keep flood damage at bay.

10 Tips to Minimize a Hurricane’s Impact on Your Home or Business

  1. Board up your windows. Broken windows leave your property exposed to wind, rain and flying objects. Plywood is an extremely effective and relatively inexpensive way to protect your windows against hurricane-force winds. Other options: storm shutters and impact-resistant windows.
  2. Secure loose outdoor objects. Any unsecured item can become a deadly projectile in high winds—garbage bins, potted plants, lawn furniture, gardening equipment, toys. Move these indoors, or tie them down, to avoid to injury to people, or damage to your property or your neighbours’.
  3. Check your roof. Cracks or leaks in a roof can lead to water damage during a hurricane. Loose shingles can also become projectiles.
  4. Trim your trees. Falling trees pose a risk to both your property and neighbouring properties. Reduce this risk by removing any dead trees or branches now.
  5. Protect your property against flooding. If your area is vulnerable to storm surges or overflowing rivers, this step is especially important. Sandbags piled at least half a metre-high form a protective barrier against floodwaters.
  6. Install surge protectors. Hurricanes often cause power outages, followed by power surges when electricity is restored. Surge protectors help protect your electronic devices from voltage spikes caused by power surges.
  7. Back up electronic devices. This step is critical for businesses. Data should be stored off-site, in case physical computers or devices are damaged or inaccessible due to a hurricane.
  8. Create an inventory of your property. Knowing exactly what items are in your home or business is vital when filing an insurance claim. In addition to making a written list of contents, you can take photos or videos, or use an inventory app.
  9. Ensure you have adequate insurance coverage. Check your policy to make sure you’re covered for damage caused by rain or wind. This generally includes damage caused by flying debris or falling branches or trees, or damage when water enters through openings caused by high winds.
  10. Stay informed. When a hurricane develops, landfall can often be predicted 24–48 hours in advance—providing a window of time for last-minute preparations, and if necessary, evacuation.

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