All Canadians must have access to prescription medications at fair cost: FCCQ

Montreal, QC (Aug. 22, 2018) – As a participant in the Advisory Council Round Table on the Implementation of a National Pharmacare Plan, the Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec (FCCQ) believes the plan should be sustainable, effective, and available to all Canadians without imposing any additional cost on citizens or businesses.

“Health is already a major part of the budget and our aging population, along with the emergence of more expensive drugs based on personalized medicine or genetic markers, will only exacerbate the situation,” states FCCQ president and CEO Stéphane Forget. “The FCCQ recommends that the cost of the plan be shared among a number of payers, including public and private plans, employers and patients, in order to ensure its sustainability.”

A mixed-coverage system like this would not require a complete overhaul of the current system and would keep any disruption to a minimum. Such a mixed-coverage system would also allow governments to focus their limited resources on drug coverage for the most vulnerable among us.

“Quebec has had a system in place for over 20 years that covers all Quebecers and has proven to be a model that works well,” adds Stéphane Forget. “In this context, we believe that provincial participation should be voluntary, with compensation from the federal government in the event of any province pulling out.”

By bringing together members representing employers and different sectors of activity such as generic and innovative medicines, insurance, pharmacy owners, and healthcare providers, the FCCQ offers a unique perspective on the sector. “This plurality of viewpoints led to the creation of a working group that has helped us to better appreciate the overall situation,” he said.

About the FCCQ

With an impressive network of close to 140 chambers of commerce and 1100 corporate members, the Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec (FCCQ) represents more than 50,000 companies operating in all sectors of the economy and in every region of Quebec. As the largest network of businesses and businesspeople in Quebec, the FCCQ is both a federation of chambers of commerce and a provincial chamber of commerce. Its members (chambers of commerce and businesses) all pursue the same goal: to foster an innovative and competitive business environment.

Source: Fédération des Chambres de commerce du Québec