Number of UBI Customers Soars Past 20 Million, Driven by the Success of Mobile Insurance

Annual Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) overview by PTOLEMUS

London, UK (July 27, 2018) – PTOLEMUS has issued its annual Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) overview, disclosing the market’s key indicators. The statistics are based on PTOLEMUS’ quarterly UBI market dashboard as of March 2018.

Initially a niche product in the auto insurance market, UBI has become mainstream. In over 10 years of evolution, it has grown to cover all customer segments using countless value propositions and 6 different device categories.

Today, UBI has entered a new phase as it integrates with and powers insurers’ mobile strategy. Four million smartphones are now used in UBI and Try Before You Buy (TBYB) programmes, making this platform the most effective accelerator in UBI history.

The impact of smartphone apps is most visible in China, where changes in regulation have opened up the UBI market virtually overnight, creating an estimated 1.8 million smartphone insurance policies.

The growth is not only seen in China. There are now almost 100 more active UBI programmes compared to 2 years ago. The biggest growth markets are also changing: Germany and France are now leading while more mature markets such as Italy and the US are lagging behind.

However, despite this growth, the market remains in its infancy. Only 5% of Americans use UBI today.

Altogether, the PHYD (Pay How You Drive) model still represents the majority of policies, but PAYD (Pay As You Drive) is still a very potent value proposition that is gathering investments and now represents 27% of the market. Also, 30% of the 98 mobile UBI programmes active today are TBYB, where the driver can monitor its driving without being insured through the app.


More details concerning the evolution of the UBI market can be found within PTOLEMUS’ quarterly UBI dashboard. The forthcoming Mobile Insurance Global Study, to be published in September, will also cover the latest UBI trends.

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