June severe storm caused more than $90 million in insured damage across Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Weather-related insured damages in region total over a third of a billion dollars in past year

Vancouver, BC (July 20, 2018) – Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) is reporting that a mid-June storm affecting parts of Saskatchewan and Manitoba resulted in more than $90 million in insured damage, according to data from Catastrophe Indices and Quantification Inc. (CatIQ). Weather-related insured losses in those two provinces have now surpassed a quarter of a billion dollars since the beginning of 2017.

In Saskatchewan, strong winds and large hail, in some cases as big as a baseball, caused significant damage to property. In Estevan, the storm damaged vehicles, windows and siding, crops and industrial equipment. In North Portal, toonie-sized hail broke windshields, and in Bienfait, strong winds toppled saltwater storage tanks.

In Estevan, and also in Hartney and Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, the storm downed power lines, causing power outages. There were also reports of road flooding. In addition, 42 mm of rain was reported at The Forks in Winnipeg, and 25 mm was reported at the Winnipeg airport.

“Insured losses from storms are only part of the picture. Taxpayers are also footing the bill for this damage, since many losses that are uninsured are paid through provincial disaster financial arrangements. We are witnessing more frequent, intense storms, consistent with the results of a changing climate,” said Bill Adams, Vice-President, Western, IBC. “These losses show that urgent action is needed on adaptation as well as mitigation. There are concrete things that can be done by provinces and communities right now such as better land use planning and changes to building codes.”

Over the past year, a series of severe weather events have hit parts of the prairies and resulting in more than $250 million in damage. The events included:

  • A windstorm in October 2017 in Winnipeg and Dauphin, Manitoba, and in parts of Alberta, resulting in damage of over $100 million
  • Wind and water damage in July 2017 in Yorkton and Melville, Saskatchewan, and in parts of Alberta, resulting in damage of over $50 million
  • A hailstorm in June 2017 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, resulting in damage of over $46 million
  • Wind, water and flood damage in May 2017 near Lacombe, Alberta, resulting in $68 million in damage.

IBC reminds consumers that it is vital to know what their insurance policy covers before the next storm hits, including whether it includes overland flood protection. Check with your insurance representative to see what options are available to you.

Visit IBC’s website for more information on how to protect your property against disasters, including Home Flooding Mitigation Techniques.

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SOURCE: Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC)

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